WordPress Update Broke My Site (and I Fixed It!)

When I upgraded to WordPress 5.0.3, I lost the ability to save drafts, preview drafts, and post. Installing the Classic Editor Plugin allowed me to save drafts and post, but I still couldn’t preview drafts.

As I mentioned in this support thread, I tried all the major recommended fixes, including:

  • clearing the cache (in caching plugin and in browser)
  • re-saving permalinks
  • disabling all plugins through Troubleshooting Mode
  • checking to make sure REST API was unaffected
  • using the default Twenty Nineteen theme
  • checking to make sure my URLs were the same
  • updating all themes and plugins

Nothing worked. I kept getting a 404 every time I tried to preview a post.

This is what finally solved the problem:

While my URLs were the same, they were not using HTTPS, only HTTP. As soon as I added the “s” to both URLs and logged back in, the problem was eliminated. Now I can save and preview drafts and post using either the new block editor or the Classic Editor!

Praise God for such a simple fix!

I was using HTTPS from DreamHost to secure my site and access it, but it wasn’t agreeing with the unsecured HTTP URLs in my WordPress admin settings (Settings > General).

If you’re having this same issue, try checking those things! Hopefully it may be a solution for you too.

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