Trivia for K~Y’s Newest Video, “Lalala no Suki na Aishuu Romantic”

This is the video Kristen and I made as a tribute to Michishige Sayumi, honoring her graduation on November 26th. Honestly, I have to say I don’t think it’s the best video we’ve ever made (split screens are always hard to work with…) but we did our best to pull it together just in time, and I hope you can tell that we had fun doing it. :3

Time for trivia! I’ve never done this before for our videos, but I thought it would be neat to give you some behind-the-scenes info about what went into this project! If Kristen has anything she’d like to add after I post this, I’ll edit with her additions.

  1.  The room I’m standing in is our living room (obviously). There is usually a pile of my dad’s stuff there (he just ends up putting stuff there lol) but not while I was recording! That’s because I actually took a picture of where his stuff was and then moved it. Once I was done filming, I moved it all back. XD He had no idea. He thought I had digitally erased it in the video. XD
  2. The part that goes “totsuzen KISS shite” had a whisper effect applied on Kristen’s vocals, but it was too overpowering and she had neither time to edit nor access to her computer, so I just used mine instead. :3c It still sounds odd because it’s just me singing there, but it doesn’t stick out as much. ^^
  3. I actually had a massive migraine while filming ^^;
  4. My dress is actually a dress over top of a skirt, and the thing around my waist is a ruffle scarf that my mom made for me last year.
  5. In the scenes where I’m sitting down, I’m actually sitting on top of a large exercise ball that’s on top of our exercise trampoline XD
  6. The music break in “Lalala no Pipipi” is mostly original choreography! ^-^
  7. Kristen’s dance shot cuts off abruptly because in one take, her head was largely cut off (you can see it when her dance shot pops back in), and in the other take, her roommates came home and she stopped filming at once. XD (I totally understand! Haha)
  8. I was going to add a “lalalala no pipipipi” over the ending of the song, but I ended up leaving it as it was~
  9. I just realized I used the wrong kanji for “aishuu”… *facepalm* It’s fixed now where I’m able to fix it. Sorry… orz

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