It’s October! NaNoWriMo Musings

Hi everyone! It’s been a while again… We were on vacation the second week of this month, and although I planned to write updates and share pictures, I decided in the end that it would be better to just relax and enjoy the time.

I feel like I’m really learning how to relax. I don’t need to neglect what I need to do, of course, but actually letting myself take breaks from things and relax without feeling guilty about it is very important; not only for myself, but for the things I’m working on. I can come back to them with a fresh mind and renewed energy, rather than slogging through them (fueled only by panic and prayers!). It’s a bit silly that it’s taken me this long to be able to put that into practice, despite the fact that I realized it quite a while ago, but I guess that doesn’t matter, does it? I mean, everyone does and learns things at their own pace, right?

Speaking of pacing, I feel like summer really flew by… Like it hardly even happened! I’m not quite ready to break out my warmer clothes, but I kinda have to. o.o;; It is October, after all.

Which reminds me that NaNoWriMo is less than a month away! WHAT?

It’s been almost a year(!?) since I properly participated in NaNo for the first time and I’m amazed at how quickly the time has gone by…

The story I worked on for last year’s NaNo is only half-done at best and still needs revision and what not when I finish it… I hadn’t intended to leave it sitting, but MTAC (and other things) interrupted my writing plan and I haven’t really revisited it much since. I will in the future, of course, but I think this year I will participate in NaNo a little differently.

Now, I don’t mean “different” things like “draw every day for 30 days” or “finish x number of artbook pictures” like I have tried (and failed at) before during NaNo in place of actually writing a novel. Since I have a goal of completing the writing of a certain fanfiction by July 2015, and I’ve been working on it pretty consistently for several months now, especially recently, I think I would like to try making that my focus for this year’s NaNo. I know you’re encouraged to start with a blank page (though having character bios, plot points, setting details, and the like are very much encouraged), but I can’t do that with this story because I’ve been writing it off and on since 2010. ^^;

I guess it’s okay, though. It’s not like I can publish it, aside from FFN. Lol

This fanfic is already at more than 70,000 words, so… I guess my goal can be to write 50,000 more words? XD If for some reason I can’t make that goal, I’ll include oneshots and things like that written alongside the main story in the total word count, since they’re related. But since the story is only roughly 40-45% written, I should be more than fine!

…I have more I want to write about, but I think I’ll stop with this for now. I am allowed to write multiple posts in one day if I want, after all XD;

—Are you going to participate in NaNoWriMo? If so, how are you preparing for it? *^^* Let’s be writing buddies and support each other! ♡

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