[AJA] Week 7/13/14 – 7/19/14

After a long absence, AJA (Akemi’s Japanese Adventure) is back!!! I’ve leveled up! Now I’m Level 17~ Check out my new stats~~~ Last post I talked about wanting to write about lots of different things, whenever I want to write about it, so that’s what I’m going to do. ^^

This week I added a whole bunch of sentences to my J-E sentence deck, and discovered that I only have about 87 sentences left to add from Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide, which means that I’ll need to find another source to get the rest of my 1000 sentences from… Right now I’m thinking I’ll use JapanesePod101’s from the lessons and the relevant grammar points in their Grammar Bank, and perhaps Imabi.

I leveled up on WaniKani earlier in the week, so I am now on Level 24! I’m going a little slower than I want to be, but at least I went faster on Level 23 than I did the three levels before it (110 days for Level 21–wow, what happened? o_o). I renewed my subscription for another year yesterday, so…let’s see how many more levels I can go through before I have to pay again! I think I’ll start by setting modest goals and work my way back to more ambitious ones, so for now I’ll try to reach a new level in 21 days!

I’m watching a lot of Japanese videos (lots of new resources have been added to my resource page, by the way–mainly YouTube channels!) to the extent that I often don’t feel like watching English videos. o_o So my input is going fairly strong.

I’m not doing much in the way of output though… I still find I don’t know what I want to say on Lang-8… I want to register LINE (I’ve had the app for a while) but I’m not sure if it wants your whole phone number in the sense that you’d add your country code/long-distance code and everything, or if it just wants your basic phone number and the area code. -____- And I haven’t tried because I’m afraid to mess anything up. Does anyone know which LINE is asking for?

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