It’s been so rainy this past week! It’s rained every single day for almost seven days in a row. I won’t complain, though. The ground here has done a fairly good job of absorbing it all, so I guess it needed it. ^^;

I didn’t make a New Year’s post, did I? In fact, it’s been several weeks since I’ve posted anything here. >< But that’s okay too! I’ve been doing lots of other things. ^o^ We’re cleaning out our house of stuff we don’t use or need anymore, and organizing, and it’s all really exciting. We also put together the rest of my desk! I’ll have to share a picture of it soon. It’s really nice. Though now my drafting table is just sitting in the middle of my room since we have no other place to put it. ^^; But it’s fine; I don’t mind since I can have better lighting when I’m drawing over there.

Um…yeah. So we’re cleaning, and it’s raining, and I’m drawing…

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