Christmas 2012

Hello! Just a short post about what I got and gave for Christmas. πŸ™‚ It’s brief because I’m rather tired right now. ^^; But I hope you enjoy nonetheless! πŸ˜€

It started off Christmas Eve with a delicious dinner! Grandmother came over and I made a chocolate strawberry cake. ^o^

My brother and I made cards for our parents and Nana, and I made my brother a poster as usual. (I will link a Tumblr post with the process once it’s up.) This year, he wanted a picture of the Pokemon Jirachi.

Then, on Christmas Day, I finished and posted my Christmas picture for this year:

Later that morning, we opened presents. Here is what I got:

This backpack is a digital artist backpack from deviantART. We got it on sale and I got an additional 10% off for being a premium member, which was a surprise and a great savings. I’m very glad. Because I got this bag, I gave my previous laptop bag to my brother so he can use it for his laptop! I think this actually works a lot better because all he had for his laptop before was a sleeve to zip it up in…he still had to carry it in his arms or try to stuff it in his backpack or something. But now he can consolidate and have his hands a little freer. ^o^

As for me, I wanted the digital artist backpack for ease of traveling–thinking more specifically of traveling to Japan with my laptop. I feel safer using this bag than my previous one.

My mom knitted both of those scarves herself, and I love them! They are very warm and the marshmallow-like one is SO SOFT. My brother gave me the Yu-gi-oh! R volume 1, so I now have all five of the R volumes, and I got $50 plus stocking stuffers of an orange, chocolate, gum, and a few other things like a strap for my guitar. ^o^

My parents also snuck my guitar out without my knowledge and had the strings replaced with easier ones (I think??) and lowered!! That was pretty exciting. XD

Christmas overall was really fun. ^o^ We went to a relative’s house and had breakfast with everyone, relaxed all day… Well, I did have to juice, but that never takes long and my mom helped, so yay. XD

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!! (Yes, our tree is a spiral tree. It’s so much easier to put up and take down than a traditional tree–real or fake. xP)

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