12 Days of Christmas Part 5

Oh my goodness, guys, Christmas is next week! (((>v<)))

Today I juiced..and yes, I did indeed film the process! I’m going to split it into two videos: one about the juicing and one about the cleaning of the juicer. Otherwise it would be a really long video, and this way you can choose which part you want to watch. 😉 I don’t know when I want to upload it…it’s definitely not priority right now; I’m just glad that it’s filmed and that I’ve already edited the first part about the actual juicing! I still need to add subtitles and record a voice-over, but again, that can come later…


Because I’m just about done with another artbook picture… I have several that are close to being done, but the one I’m finishing up now is the closest.

I do need to start the lineart and coloring of my Christmas picture too, so…maybe I’ll just make that another artbook picture so I’ll have another page done when it’s done. …Yeah. ^^; (Here’s a hint: it’s my OC Enko.)

Um um um I don’t have much else to say. orz Good night~~~

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