Assembly of New Desk and Chair

The Monday after my birthday, we got busy putting together my new desk and chair! We decided to only put together one component of the table since putting together the whole thing (two tables and a corner piece) would require moving or getting rid of my drafting table and entertainment center cabinet and…they serve a purpose so we can’t get rid of them, and we don’t have anywhere to move them to, so they have to stay for the moment. ^^; But anyway, let’s get started!

This is what my room looked like before we began.

I have had this desk and chair for nine or ten years. The set has served me well, but is not without wear and tear. The keyboard tray, for example, is held together with clear packing tape. ^^;

Skyline desk to the rescue! We got this set at Staples.

Clearly I am excited. ovo

My mom opened the box by slicing it since there really wasn’t any other way to get it open and I was failing at all of my attempts. xP

The manufacturer is Z-line, which makes the leg design ingenious. 8D (Hint: They are shaped like z’s.)

A desk is forming!! This picture really shows the difference in size compared to my old desk. It’s twice as deep, as well as taller and wider. At this point I was starting to wonder how I had managed on such a small desk for so long. o_o

BAM! Suddenly the old desk and all the stuff in/on it is gone! We left the computer and monitor connected because my mom thought it would be easier to put stuff onto the new desk, but…the idea didn’t work out so well and I had to disconnect the computer and monitor anyway. :3c


I have mismatched accessories from three different computers, as you can see. My computer (Windows XP) didn’t come with a monitor because my ex-stepdad got it from his work when the whole facility upgraded their computers. The computer and the mouse are from that, but I didn’t like the keyboard, so I just kept using my old computer’s keyboard (Windows ME). The monitor is from a different occasion when the same thing happened. XD

The glass went in after we moved the table into place. That glass is pretty heavy. Dx It supports up to 150 pounds, though, which is nice since the monitor I have is fairly heavy.

Done! To give you an idea of just how much bigger it is than my previous desk, just look at the carpet. (Also, that shows how much traffic my floor gets…)

Now for the chair! This is an executive chair from Thomasville. We got it at Office Depot on clearance, so I’m not sure if it’s still available in stores or not, but if it is, I recommend it. It’s really comfortable and supportive!!

(I’m selling those magazines over there, by the way…)

Nana helped a lot with putting the chair together. We couldn’t get the casters into the slots, but she was really good at it. The trick is to just keep wiggling it with applied pressure until it pops in. It has to be in just the right place.

When putting together a chair, keep the seat itself folded, because it will be cumbersome to put it onto its bottom otherwise. >< (We unfolded it beforehand, and it's heavy…)

All done!!

Thanks for reading!

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