Unconditional & BW2

Tonight we are going to see the movie Unconditional. It was recommended in church this past Sunday, along with a short interview of a girl who is a member of our congregation, Gabby–she apparently plays one of the main characters in the movie! (She’s adorable!) Even though we watched the trailer, I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I’m sure it will be good, but… it looks like the sort of movie that will make you cry, and I don’t want to cry. I don’t like crying. ^^; Still, I’m sure it has a good message and will be worth the watch, tears or not. I’ll let you know.
(Edit:) It was an excellent movie–I didn’t even mind crying! XD; I definitely recommend it!

In other news, we get Pokemon Black & White 2 today (both versions)! My brother and I will only play them long enough to be able to get the legendary Pokemon [Genesect] via wireless, and then put them away until my birthday–which is actually in exactly one month. In the meantime I’m supposed to beat White so that when I play White 2 I’ll have special access to something…

The sudden “song translation spam” I posted was due to migration of posts from the now-deleted Yuki-ON blog, as well as translations I realized I still had sitting in my translation document. Please enjoy them, despite the suddenness. XD

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