DIY – Cardboard Box and Mailers as a Storage Solution

A.k.a. a nick-knack box. It’s a temporary solution at best, but it works if you have nothing else on hand and/or can’t go buy materials to make something cooler. It’s totally free if you have these lying around!

I was feeling ill this morning and was trying to relax by reading some blogs. I looked through some DIY posts on and became inspired to clean/organize something using things we had around the house… It ended up being the pile of stuff in my little brother’s room! xP

Nana organized most of his bookcases earlier this week, and left this pile of stuff on the chair:

Okay! You will need three things:
-a cardboard box, appropriate size for the stuff you’re putting in it
-small or medium-sized mailers
-permanent markers

What to do:
1. Group similar items together and lay them out on the floor. Rearrange items in groups as necessary.

2. Put larger items on the furthest sides of the box, and in the center where there will be sections divided up by the mailers. I had a general flow of board/card game stuff > stones/collectibles/memorabilia > presorted school papers from last year and computer games > DS/GBA games > miscellaneous.

3. The purpose of the mailers comes into play here! Put the smaller items into the mailers and label each mailer with a permanent marker to show a general idea of what’s inside. This keeps these small items from getting lost in the bottom of the box, and because these mailers are lined with bubble-wrap, it protects them too. Be careful when inserting paper in the mailers, so larger pieces of paper don’t force smaller pieces into folds and creases.

4. Organize however you like!

Now it’s done! Because of the grouping and labeling, it will be easier to find what you’re looking for when you come back later. ^o^

Yay! Clean chair! (Well, the seat of the chair, anyway…)

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