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Cue rambling!
I don’t know that I’ve ever felt this way before…if I have, then it’s been a while. I want to draw and draw and DRAW~~~ That’s a really good thing, what with my artbook deadlines coming up and all. It’s just a bit…shocking? Haha. Idk, that’s not really the word I’m looking for.

I woke up at, like, 2AM with my stomach paining me and after some stuff that I won’t tell you, I sat up in bed and watched two episodes of Culture Japan before my stomach was settled enough to let me go back to sleep. Woke up again when my alarm went off at 6:30 but I got up for only three or four minutes (could hardly even walk straight lol) just to tell my mom good morning. Then I went back to bed. XD And I woke up again just after 9:00, still feeling super-tired but I got up anyway…
It’s that time of the month ahaha;;;
Probably why I’ve been a little…not exactly out of it but not exactly…on top of it today. Like…the picture I just uploaded….I had to keep going back and editing it because I kept noticing shading I’d forgotten to do. ^^;
Also, my right arm has been hurting a bit all day…just at the elbow, and just when I move it a certain way. Earlier this morning it felt like it was going to fall off haha;; I wrapped it in an Ace bandage and that’s helped, but I’ll put some essential oil on it before I go to bed and sleep on my left side instead of my right…maybe that will help too.

A-Ano…my birthday is in three days….I honestly haven’t talked about it a lot in the interest of saving money; not that I really even know what I want for my birthday anyway. A S/mileage photobook, Yuuka’s photobook…Shilin’s artbook… I’d like those things, but they’re on ‘distant wishlists’ that are filled with things I would like to have but am willing to wait for. Easy gifts would be giftcards, so that’s really all I’ve mentioned. ^^;

I don’t know…it’s really interesting how as a little kid you want all these random, largely useless toys (yet you use your imagination and have loads of fun with them, which is totally cool, you know) and then later on you just want money or gift cards or electronic-related things. A lot of times adults don’t want anything at all for their birthdays. I don’t really like that idea. I think that there should always be a party, even if it’s just a family meal with a cake and cards. There should never be a birthday where the birthday boy/girl doesn’t feel special.

Topic change!
…I should probably watch some of this season’s new anime. I tend to miss the bulk of it and become a fan when everyone else is watching the next season’s (or the next, even…) anime. ^^; I’ve only seen the first three episodes of Madoka, and the first few of Inazuma Eleven as well…
I’ve been rewatching Yu-gi-oh! instead of new stuff ahaha;;; (original YGO! FTW~~~)

Lol my dad just did an adjustment on my neck and back and my arm doesn’t hurt anymore. ;v; Yay. Thank youuuuuuu~ <3

And…looking at my monitor just now, I've realized that some of the stickers are coming off. I'll be making stickers either late this month or in December to go with my artbook preorders; maybe I can make some YGO! ones too.

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