Geez, isn’t it done yet?


Going through artbook art/potential artbook stuff and I realized several pieces are older and have more flaws in them that I’d have to fix. Either that or I just don’t really like them. And a lot of stuff needs to be done. ;A; Finished. Completed. Labeled ‘Dekimashita.’ Also, it seems like a lot of it is original art, which is quite a funny problem to have, actually. Instead of having tons of fanart ready, I have tons of original art ready. XD;; The other thing is, the only fandom I really want to draw for right now is Yu-gi-oh!… Ah, well, I’ll just have to force myself lol. I’ve been watching Inazuma Eleven; need to read my Tokyo Mew Mew and Naruto manga…watch the rest of Madoka…maybe play some Pokemon to inspire me for that…and watch my brother play Kingdom Hearts…or read some fanfics.

What else? Oh yeah, K-ON! and Shugo Chara! (Why do so many anime/manga titles have exclamation marks in them?) OH. And Vocaloid…I have a Miku pic and a Rin pic and that’s it. XD; Maybe another one or two…

I know I don’t have to put fanart in there, but I want to. I just don’t want all of it to be Yu-gi-oh!… 😀

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