Halloween Aftermath + Top 10 Pictures (Most-Favorited)

An account of my Halloween: http://fireaangel.deviantart.com/journal/Halloween-Aftermath-266575922

Hm…I don’t really have many pictures from that night. I had wanted to get pictures of the gorgeous trees, but the car was moving too fast for me to get good pictures, so I gave up, and at the farm it was mostly field and evergreens so… *shrug*

Today…well, today we’ll have to juice again, and we might have to go get more supplies to do so; however, they really are working on the road now, and I don’t know when we’ll be able to get out. I think they’re making another pass now, scraping up more of the road. It’s going to be so bumpy!!


I don’t know if this is strange to do or not, but I’m going to list the ten most-favorited pictures in my gallery as of today (November 1, 2011), and give my thoughts on each one.

10. Ainezumi Enko-complete (Dec 2009)
Tools: SAI for drawing, Photoshop for adding to the application sheet and for text
Critique: too sketchy, eyes a bit far apart, hairline at forehead should be lower, arm needs editing, coloring is too soft–making shading look nonexistent in some places, leg is bent strangely
Good points: hair, expression, pose, front leg

This picture was done as a quick reference sheet to submit to the newly-opened Academy of Heroes on deviantART. This particular version has Enko on the actual application. AoH appealed to me because I thought we would actually be taught different skills that would help you progress as an artist, but I was wrong. It is more of a roleplay than an actual school, and while it is fun, it wasn’t really what I was looking for. And being rather shy at the time, it was hard for me to interact with the other ‘students’, and I became more involved with other projects (including my own), which meant my activity there steadily dropped to a low percent; I only did the assignments and a few memes. Still, AoH is a very fun group and if you’re outgoing, have the time, and love roleplaying, then it’s definitely a good group to check out.

9. Enko’s Winter Ball Dress (Jan 2010)
Tools: SAI for drawing, Photoshop for editing and background
Critique: eyes too far apart, bland background
Good points: design, shading, hair, the arm that is fully visible

Another AoH piece. This one was done for the annual Winter Ball. I really do love the outfit and totally want one for myself. XD I don’t have much to say about the picture itself, but I also did a five-page comic to go along with the WB. Enko went with Nick, another Incarnatus, but we never roleplayed anything actually happening at the ball. ^^;

8. Chibi Zakuro (for Ooka) (Mar 2010)
Tools: drawn in Photoshop; not sure if I colored it in Photoshop or SAI…
Critique: torso looks strange, lines a bit sketchy in places, eyes do not look appealing to me at all ><
Good points: color, technique of coloring, sparklies☆

This was a late birthday present for Ooka-chan. ^^ I don't normally draw a lot of chibis, so I'm still pretty pleased with this one. (But I don't like the eyes. Really.)

7. Happiness (Dec 2009)
Tools: SAI
Critique: eyes too dark, nose and mouth misplaced, hair is too rigid, shoulder is too far over, Earth is just a blob, skin lacks depth (shading)–it looks too much like paint that didn’t get blended well, blending of the background wasn’t finished off
Good points: the hair really is the only really good thing about this picture

I did this for a contest on dA, and it took five days for me to get it done using a painting technique that I’d never used before. It was a little disheartening to receive a comment saying that it looked like another picture that I’d never seen before, drawn in anime-style and putting my picture to shame, but I shook it off. After all, there are millions, billions of artists in the world and we’re bound to draw something similar sooner or later.

6. Ben 10 – Good Morning… (Dec 2009)
Tools: SAI
Critique: head is too big
Good points: body, Omnitrix

Decided to draw a bunch of Ben 10 stuff, so this is something from that. c:

5. Base 01 (Sep 2009)
Tools: Photoshop
Critique: uhh…none? It’s a base, so…
Good points: eyes, background

I don’t know where the original image came from (other than Google) because I found it several years ago while I was still using my Windows ME computer. After WinME crashed, and my info was recovered, I no longer knew the source of the image, and I don’t remember what search I used to find it. I really wish I could give the proper credit, but… Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to make any more bases because I realized I wouldn’t want people making bases of my art to use for their character. Free line art is another thing. I’ll probably upload some more free line art.

4. “Almond Honey?” (Feb 2010)
Tools: SAI
Critique: head is slightly misshapen, forehead line a bit high, bowl looks pathetic, background lacks creativity, lack of depth in picture
Good points: coloring, fruit, character’s eyes

Another dA contest entry. It was for a Valentine’s Day contest where we had to include three things, but didn’t read the rules carefully enough and focused more on those three things than the Valentine’s Day main theme. ;A; So that is why the full title is “Almond Honey? lol FAIL”.

3. “Sketch Request-Amu” (Nov 2010)
Tools: SAI
Critique: eyes look a bit odd, nose placement is off, elbow of bent arm should be a bit larger
Good points: movement, belt, eggs, shirt

A week before my birthday, I opened up Yu-gi-oh! and Shugo Chara! sketch requests. This one of Amu and one of Change of Heart were the only ones I finished not long after the requests opened (and closed). The rest of the requests were finished just this past month, all at once. They are here.

2. “Fall 2009” (Sep 2009)
Tools: Photoshop
Critique: perhaps the head shape, legs, and folds in the shirt–they’re off and need adjustments~
Good points: composition☆, hands, leaf, girl’s hair

This picture was featured on my profile page and was the most-favorited picture in my gallery for a while, until it was recently dethroned by the following picture. It still is one of my personal favorites, as though somehow I truly captured a bit of my true self in that picture.

1. “What’s wrong, Sasuke? -neko-“ (Nov 2009)
Tools: SAI
Critique: forehead is too big (hairline too far up), shoulders too small, neck a bit too small, overall position needs to be tilted a bit
Good points: sketchiness in ‘paint’, expression(?)

This picture was created purely out of desire to play with the marker tool in SAI. I’ve said it before but I think it’s funny that this picture is currently the most favorited piece in my gallery. XD I myself don’t think it’s very good and maybe I should redo it (before and after, anyone?) so it’s surprising to see people keep downloading it and favoriting it! I won’t complain, though. 🙂 I’m thankful for every view and favorite, every comment~ >w< Thank you so much.


At the end of the year I'll do a 2011 progress meme and…I also really want to do one of those 2003 (or earlier)-present memes, so I can show you guys my…er…lovely attempts at manga from sixth grade. 😀

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