Keychains, Sketch, and Shopping

Forgot to post about the keychains arriving. Here they are!

YGO keychains

I got that fifth one as a bonus~ Thank you, Kaze-Hime!! >w<
Although none of the four YGO keychains came with that extra ring that hooks onto the keychain itself…I'll also need to get a strap so I can attach all of them to my cellphone at once.~


Yesterday night I was Skyping with Ooka and Razu…and Ooka requested a shirtless picture of one of my YGO! OCs~ So…



I’m thinking about Livestreaming today~ Not sure if I will or not.~~~

Oh! We went shopping Sunday afternoon and got lots of clothes for my mom, Nana, and myself. It was really cool, shopping with both of them and picking out stuff for Nana. XD She’s lost a lot of weight, so she has entered a new realm of sizing and she’s excited about it. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m really happy for her. ๐Ÿ˜€ My mom’s also lost quite a bit of weight (here I’ll point out that none of us were ever overweight, but we had obtained a bit of ‘puffiness’ and through diet change and a bit of exercise we’ve all slimmed down) so she was also fitting into one size smaller and that was cool. Me? Well…I’m still skinny, my legs are a bit thinner but I still need to dance more… XD;

ANYWAY. I finally got a pair of black jeans AND a pair of white jeans! I’m a bit nervous about the black pair because the tag said the ink will rub off onto lighter colored things. oAo; The white ones have lace embroidery/crochet decorations and they’re really cute. >w.>

We got some stuff at Walmart~ I got one shirt…ahahaha… But I do like it. It’s puuuuurple. ~u~ I’m wearing it today, and I’d take a picture of me wearing it, but I just got out of the shower a little while ago and the towel on my head probably looks rather comical. -Ohoho-

So…have a picture of me from last night during the Skype chat instead~ -u-/


HERSHEY’S. NOMNOM. :U Haha. I’m waving at you. Hiiiiiiii~ ♥

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