Uhhh… Rambling

A day or so ago, one of my mom’s coworkers returned the French Rosetta Stone that she’d borrowed from us. Apparently she didn’t use it at all. xP We have both Japanese and French; my mom wanted the French one and I was like ‘sure, I can learn French too’ only neither one has been used a whole lot.
It makes sense though; Rosetta Stone’s audio files speak so slowly that you kind of go to sleep while it’s talking, and then once you realize it’s done talking, you don’t remember what it said. XD I’ve also been listening to so much real Japanese that the Rosetta Stone’s slo-mo version is soooooooo slooooooow. XD I think it’s good to review with though! After using Textfugu and JapanesePod101, I tested out Rosetta Stone again and I was able to understand everything better, and went through the ‘lessons’ faster than I would if I were just using Rosetta Stone.
And since the software automatically has you review previous lessons, you get a lot of practice out of it. Just…learn the material somewhere else so you don’t get stuck in the slow lane. ^^;

Speaking of TextFugu, I’m about halfway through Season 3.

And I think that if we have insurmountable faith, we can go ahead and book flights and everything necessary for me to go to Japan, even without knowing how soon I’ll earn $5000. Could we do that? Lol…I think it’s an extreme motivator–all or nothing! My mom suggested I talk to Michael and see if she wants to go with me. XD See, my dad wants to so he can protect me (d’awww), but he’ll need to take a month off from work, and I don’t know if he can do that. ><

I was originally wanting to go in March/April so I could catch the cherry blossoms, but I'm open to going anytime. Perhaps it would be more ideal to go in May/June…I don't know.

In other news…yesterday I signed into my Ameba account for the first time in, like, a year. XD It's not as scary as it was before because I can read more Japanese than I could a year ago, which I'm really happy about because sometimes it feels like I'm not really making all that much progress. I haven't made a new post yet, but… XD;

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