New Video UP ~ Video Shenanigans

First of all, as you might have already seen, YukiONStudios has a new video up!

It features clips of video I took while I was in China. :3

DreamHost’s WebFTP is still down so I can’t work on the China journal. ;A; *doesn’t know how to use any other FTP orz*

So after I uploaded that video, I went about organizing/moving the rest of the videos I have on my hard drive. I like to transfer older ones to my external hard drive just so they’re out of the way. But…today I ran into some trouble. >_<;; When you move an iMovie project to the external hard drive, it’s not saved as a movie. It’s saved as a project file. So you can’t open it from the external hard drive; you have to re-import it into the iMovie projects folder. And if you delete any of the source files, you won’t be able to edit the project. Luckily, it DOES save the projects as they are, so you don’t actually lose any video content. ^^;

Anyway, I had to import all the project files and then make each project into a video file. I ended up saving to the external hard drive and then opening it, which copied it onto the internal hard drive, which is okay for now since I need to keep some of the videos readily available because I’m making a DVD with them.

It sounds so simple when I put it into words, but going through it was a long process and it was frustrating at times. Dx I’m glad though, because now I know what to do! Always export!
This is what my desk area looked like for most of the afternoon:

moving files...

I pulled out my old folding table and set it next to my desk~ Unfortunately this arrangement deterred me from drawing because I would have had to sit off to the side to do so, and I really need to be directly in front of the screen. ^^; But it’s okay, I guess…it’s all in the name of getting stuff crossed off my to-do list…


You know, I ordered four YGO! keychains (the ones I talked about earlier) and they still haven’t arrived. Coming from Canada, you’d think they’d get here sooner. Apparently they were shipped last Monday. What happened? D; If they don’t come tomorrow, I’ll contact Kaze-Hime.

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