iPhone 4S and My New Schedule

Info about the iPhone 4S has been released…

Most of it is either uninteresting to me, or irrelevant to me (I don’t play games or watch movies on my phone…nor do I want to). However, there is something really great about this release that I hope will not be exclusive to this model–it is both CDMA and GSM, making it usable basically all over the world.

The reason this interests me is because, as you probably know, I aim to go to Japan sometime next year to attend a language school in Fukuoka for a month. My current phone is a Verizon CDMA phone (LG EV3), so I wouldn’t be able to bring it with me, as Japan is dominated by GSM. I didn’t really want to get an Android or HTC phone just for the Global-Ready feature, so I’d resigned to just renting a phone while in Japan. That’s cool; DOCOMO has some really cute phones~

And then the iPhone 4S comes along.

I’ve never owned an iPhone before, and if I had one, I would use it mainly for language-learning apps, photos, and everyday usage (calling and texting). Perhaps I would also use Skype and Twitter. I have an iPod (not an iPod Touch) so I have no need to use the iPhone for music.

I have seen several Twitter messages saying that “I will wait for the iPhone 5” and such… What is your opinion?

With the price reduction, I would naturally go ahead and get the iPhone 4 but, again, it’s not Global-Ready. So… Do you think it would be better to keep my phone (2-yr contract is up this December) and wait for the next iPhone release, and just rent a phone in Japan? Or would it be better to get an iPhone 4 (it would be the 8GB $99 Verizon version) and then rent a phone in Japan? Or should I get the new iPhone 4S?

I get the feeling that I should either keep my phone and just rent one in Japan, or get the iPhone 4 and rent a phone in Japan. ^^;


I made a colorful poster of my new schedule with Sharpies and taped it up on the wall above my new drafting table. ^^ I did that because I realized I always want to look there to see what’s next on my schedule…but it’s not there; it’s in my agenda or on my door or something…so today I changed that! And it’s poster-sized too, so it’s easier to see from a distance than regular printer paper.

I actually haven’t followed my schedule yet though. ;A;/ I woke up later because my alarm wasn’t set (although it was cool today because I woke up at 6:32–last night I prayed to God, asking him to please wake me up somewhere around the time I was “supposed” to get up…which is 5:30 or 6:30, depending on the day). And because I woke up a bit later, my schedule was thrown out of whack. I didn’t feel like immediately drawing and learning Japanese. I wanted to loiter around the house… XD So things lazily slid into place, and I did do some organizing, and TextFugu, and sometime after lunch we juiced…but overall I don’t feel like I’ve been very productive today. I even started getting super-tired at about 8PM, but I had to get a shower, and then my parents came home from spin class and talked about some cool stuff (God’s works are always awesome) and then I came back to my room to unwind again.

Here I am blogging and consequently, I’ve ended up staying up later than my bedtime! 10:47 PM at this moment in time, and my bedtime is between 9 and 10. *headdesk*


If I can follow my schedule consistently, I should be able to create/finish 4-6 CGs a week. If I really apply myself with that burning passion I mentioned before, I can probably churn out even more than that. But we’ll see. After all, I need to get myself used to doing fast CGs so that it doesn’t take me months to complete a simple one. -A- Part of the reason I’m making this artbook with such a close deadline is to force myself to move faster. ^^; The trick, though, is having high quality and speed.

All-day Livestream, anyone?

Speaking of that, I will be doing an all-day Livestream on October 31st (Halloween). It will be a Halloween-themed picture plus requests, and probably some artbook pictures getting worked on too. ^^



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