Finished Coding S-R with HTML5!

Yesterday I completed the coding of my lyrics site, Shattered-Reality!!!!!!! I had been having such trouble with it, I didn’t want to finish adding content because I knew that the layout still had coding troubles and didn’t display completely correctly. Now it does!

It validates as HTML5 and CSS3, and it should be cross-browser friendly. (It works in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer; I haven’t checked other browsers and I don’t have IE9, but it should still work.)

When you resize the browser window into something other than full screen, the footer and sidebar will overlap each other, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

When you visit S-R, please bear in mind that it’s still a work-in-progress and content still needs to be added. ><

Next I'll redo the coding for my main site, Yuki-Online and finally, Mahou no Ichigo, which needs its coding fixed (it has a glaringly obvious display issue) and to be moved to DreamHost, where yuki-online is hosted.

It feels really nice to cross things off your to-do list!! It’s almost like the more things you have on your list, the less it feels like you accomplish much. Or maybe the more you have to do, the less you get done IF you let yourself get intimidated by all that you have to do or if you worry about it…you know? For me, I’ll feel guilty about not working on something while I’m working on something else. But in reality, as long as it’s something productive that I’m doing–something that I can hopefully cross off of my to-do list, then I shouldn’t feel guilty! It hurts my performance if I try to do everything at once!

This “layout-coding-to-do” has been on my list for a while, and…yes, I really do feel that I have accomplished something! I can finally say “It’s done!” and cross it off the list! And the more stuff I cross off, the less I have to feel guilty about and the more I’ll get done. It’s a mindset.

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