Moving websites around is not so simple…


So I was grounded Friday evening through Sunday from the computer. >.> (It was okay though; I was getting sick of wrestling with HTML. Haha.) But now I am not and so I have been doing…

1-Today I tried fixing the coding for Mahou no Ichigo…and I accomplished some of it, but that background just doesn’t want to align smoothly to the right. ;A; Ugggghhhhh.

2-I moved 98% of the pages (or deleted them altogether) from Webs to Dreamhost. I don’t know whether it’s embarrassing or just funny that I had two-thirds of those pages with either nothing on them or ‘Coming Soon!’…. Like, really? XD So yes; only the index, updates page, and two or three other pages remain on Webs for the sake of being there. Placeholders or something, perhaps. Once I get everything fixed, I’ll make it a redirect so everyone will know to update their links. c:

3-I practiced singing! I think I’m improving! ;v;9


This week is going to be pretty busy–I’m hoping everything will go as planned because…I really need it to. orz

Tomorrow (Tuesday) – I’m finishing up MNI coding and I’ll try the yuki-online recoding again too. (Oh. I don’t think I mentioned that. I’m doing a major rehaul on my entire domain. YOSHI! >A</)

Wednesday – K~Y release (finally) "Naichau Kamo"

Thursday – I'm finally uploading a video to my personal channel, fireaangel! It will be an original PV cover of “Momoiro Sparkling” by C-ute. (This is why I’ve practiced singing so fervently today….)

Friday – more coding stuff and bonus goodies. I’ll also mix songs for K~Y’s first cover album. Half of them are partway done; half are either missing one person’s vocals or have no vocals recorded for them at all. (We’re still waiting for our guest vocalist to turn in her lines…)

Saturday – devoted to my family first, then to pulling together the China Journal and mixing Kristen’s (of K~Y) solo song.

Sunday – I’ll work on my artbook after church and lunch. c:


I’ve really accomplished a lot so far, but I still have a long way to go. orz Once this major coding rehaul is over with, I can finally, FINALLY get it off my to-do list and move on to something…better? Lol…

Wish me luck on learning a dance in two hours!
Um…and with this coding. 😐

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