It Keeps Coming Back! O.o

Around midday, we headed out to the car to go to Kroger for more juicing supplies. On the way, we decided to pull the trashcan back from the road since the garbage truck had already come by. Nana picked up some of the things that had fallen out and asked me, “Did you mean to throw this out?” I looked at what she was holding in her hand and an expression of shock came over my face–it was one of my sketches, half-inked, from eighth grade!

This particular picture has been both intentionally and accidentally thrown away several times now and it keeps reappearing. O___o I already have it scanned into the computer, and it needs a lot of editing anyway, so it’s not like I need the original, but…yeah.
We put it back in the garbage can along with some crayons and other things that had fallen out when the garbage truck came, so I think it will be disposed of for sure this time. ><


Today I made some banners for you to use if you'd like to link to this blog on your own blog or website. x3 Next task is to make a new header~ I think I'll start posting pictures up here too…photos and sketches and stuff~

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