So Many…

Today I went through most of my traditional sketches, inked drawings, etc. and there are a LOT. I even have a few I've saved from when I was in sixth grade and just starting out with the manga style… It's amazing to see the difference between those drawings and my recent drawings–it's such a contrast! I'll definitely have to do a progression meme just to show you what I mean~

I selected some of the pictures to be redone and put in my artbook, and then I set aside a stack of sketches to either upload or be re-sketched (or finished)…and I might post some of them up here because a few really are rather sketch-y. xP I separated projet-related pictures and fanfiction-related pictures into their own stacks, and made a pile for 'random' pictures and also one for marker and watercolor.

Since I've now finished up the transferral of songs from notebook to computer (for the most part; there are some stragglers…) I can get back to AAARRRRRRTTTTT~~~ Yayyyy~ 😀 That's pretty much all that's left on my floor now… XD; A lot of paper…


Oh! And we made onigiri (rice balls) today~ They were yummy. >w<

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