Making Progress~

Yesterday we moved the filing cabinet out of my room and into my parents’ bedroom, so there is now temporary space next to my chest of drawers. ๐Ÿ˜€ It gives me more room to dance, but like I said, it’s temporary…we’ll be moving other furniture around so the drafting table is closer to my desk.

I just ordered a book on HTML5 and CSS3. I hope it will help me learn/figure out how to fix some of the problems on my websites. >< Like, on MNI, it looks fine when viewed at normal size in IE browser, but when resized to a smaller size, the background does something weird. The background looks weird anyway when viewed in Safari, and I don’t have Firefox or Google Chrome so I don’t know about them, but the site probably looks weird in both of those browsers too. I also have display issues on my other sites. orz

I currently know basic HTML; I can work with div layers and tables and that’s about it. Hopefully after reading this book, I will be able to do more with those things in a better and more efficient way…

I feel like I am baking many cakes at once. Haha. Yet, somehow, I don’t feel overwhelmed like I did before.

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