Shows for Little Kids…

So I was watching TV Japan while eating lunch, and since it’s been a few weeks since the earthquake and tsunami, the channel seems to be back to its regular schedule, as I was watching a regular-length program about jinja (shrines) in a certain area. After I finished eating, two short children’s programs came on…both about fifteen minutes long.

It made me realize that these types of shows really can take almost anything and make it exciting. There was a whole song about brushing your teeth (remember, it’s in Japanese) and in both programs there was a lot of jumping and high-pitched voices…and they were singing almost the entire time. XD I didn’t watch all of the second one because I just didn’t want to. xD But they were so cute!

I think it’s wrong to look down on ‘kid shows’ just because you’re older and already know all of the words and answers to the questions on the shows (“What’s different? Oh! The lantern is now a ladybug!” or “What is he pretending to be? Oh yeah, a helicopter!”). After all, those things fascinate little kids and help them to learn. At least dance to the music! It’s rather fun because you’re not trying to be serious.

Little girl on the TV: “Wake up, everyone! Let’s run!”
Me: “OKAY! 8D *proceeds to run around the living room*”

After all, it’s adorable to see the little kids answer questions and stuff in unison!! I can’t recreate the exact incident that I’m thinking of, but I hope you know what I mean… <3

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