Fun Day

So far, today has been a great day! I’m almost done mixing the PV for K~Y’s new ‘single’ and after cleaning my room yesterday, it’s…well, cleaner now. 😀

Edit: Hm. I posted, and it deleted everything below this line. D:

Let’s try again, then. ^^

I am happy for several reasons: my room is clean-ish, I don’t have to juice today, my mom set an appointment so we can get our hair trimmed next month, and I ‘started’ today without any cramps at all. *holds up bottle of YoungLiving Dragon Time Body Wash* Magical stuff, I tell you. It is specially made for women’s ‘time of the month’ and yes, it really works!

One thing, though…it is rather difficult to do that one dance move to Berryz Koubou’s “Heroine ni Narou ka!” on carpet. >.>

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