Attack of the Snow…?

Mood: >.> Questionable
Music: “Garakuta no Yume” – Buono!

(I’m going to China! o.o Read my DeviantART Journal about what happened Sunday:
The sky is not blue today. It is white.

It was supposed to start snowing around 11:30. It’s now 1:30 and it’s still not snowing. I looked at the radar to find that the snowstorm is doing a c-curve and avoiding us. Haha. Still, public schools let out early in most counties. Still no snow on the ground here. Hmm.
I have no doubt that it will snow, though. It might be only an inch or so, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get some snow. Unless it somehow magically curves completely around us. o.o

As for random information, I cleaned my bathroom today…and it’s so sparkly now, lol. I think we just need to get a new shower curtain-liner-thing, though. >.> Yayyyy for cleaning…bathrooms… -A-

I’m Livestreaming today at 2:00 PM. I’ll probably get offline earlier than five, though, like maybe four. If church gets cancelled I’ll be on again later tonight.

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