Calendars Really Do Work

So yesterday I took a good look at iCalendar on my Mac and discovered some useful things. Firstly, in addition to the standard “home” and “work” items, you can add your own. Each category has its own color, so you can have many items of different categories on your calendar and not be confused or overwhelmed by seeing lots of items in just one color. On the side, it has a to-do list that you can choose to show or hide. Items are ranked in four levels of priority and are color-coded to match your categories. When you’ve finished something, you can click the checkbox beside it.

I began adding things to the calendar and I have come to really like it! My categories are:
Home (blue)
Work (green)
Artbook (red)
KIRAKIRA (yellow-orange)
KawaTama (lilac)

Under “Home” I list things like gift art, birthdays, anime events, etc. Under “Work” I list things like my weekly Livestream sessions (which are currently on hold as I’ve got to finish a gift (listed under “Home”).

Under “Artbook” I clearly list artbook-related items. For example, I will be focusing on two CGs a week, so I’ve listed them in red to show they are in the “Artbook” category. Under “KIRAKIRA” I list things related to the group I’m in–KIRAKIRA. For example, I’ve listed characters and outfits I need to work on next week for our manga.

Finally, “KawaTama” items are song-related. I list things like “record this cover today” under this category.

I really like having this calendar because of all the different colors and the helpful to-do list. It makes me feel like a professional artist. XD

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