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A common goal for many Japanese language learners is to visit Japan so they can practice their Japanese. Some of us have stars in our eyes as we watch our favorite J-vloggers show us around, wishing we could live there and experience that daily life firsthand.

But if you’re like me, maybe you haven’t quite considered the reality of moving to a foreign country–the day-to-day life that happens when the camera isn’t rolling and the world around you isn’t speaking your native language–and wonder if the experience would be too much. It’s hard enough to experience culture shock, yet even harder to feel like you’re struggling just to manage the daily situations that, despite all your research, you discover that you weren’t prepared for!

Apto knows how you feel. Founded in 2016 in the heart of Music City, they launched with a mission of helping those relocating to the United States adapt to the local culture and language.

An obvious solution for international businesses, Apto is also perfect for families, students, and individuals, as their content ranges from basic conversation to advanced business interactions. Their unique program guides you through real-world scenarios, from a first-person perspective, so it’s as though you are really there.

When you start your journey, you are asked to select where you’re from and where you will be living in the States. Apto then gives you access to a wide variety of local experiences, where you can interact with the local accent, speech patterns, and mannerisms. You can even get rewarded for physically going to specific partner locations and putting into practice what you learned in the lesson.

They also provide ample live support and a wide range of tools, including accent reduction and a community of fellow expats.

While Apto is focused on the United States for now, I would love to see them expand to other countries in the future. It could be great for entrepreneurs starting their business overseas, retired expats, and even digital nomads.

I first found out about Apto at the 2017 Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival, and not long after, started working with them as a guest blogger. If you’d like to check out my posts, follow them at one of the links below!

Curious about trying Apto for yourself? Sign up for a free trial and take it for a spin!

Interested in ways you can help? Spread the word! If you know anyone moving to the U.S. for an extended period, whether it’s for work, school, or leisure, let them know! Also consider contacting Apto directly if you’re passionate about helping others learn and grow.

Keep in touch with Apto on Facebook, Twitter, and their Expat blog.

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  1. Great post! Well written and informative. I hadn’t thought of it from this angle before. Thanks for enlightening our corner and making the world a little brighter!

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