Sleepy Sunday and Japanese

Yesterday and today have been rather lazy days, it seems. More than that, yesterday seemed to zip by! It was morning, and then all of a sudden it was nighttime and we were all asking each other where the day had gone…

I realized I haven’t blogged much at all this month and decided I should post something but… I don’t know what to talk about. My day? The direction of my website? Upcoming events? My Japanese progress? It has been a while since I’ve said much about learning Japanese (and that reminds me–I need to update my resource page again), so let’s talk about that for now. ^^

A while back, I started a series with the abbreviation “AJA” for “Akemi’s Japanese Adventure”, in which my persona, Akemi, tackles the journey of learning Japanese with weekly updates on the adventure status. I clearly have not continued it past the first few updates for various reasons, but I would like to revisit it soon with a different posting schedule; maybe just twice a month or something so I don’t get overwhelmed with stats and stuff.

Just so you have an idea of what I’m doing… Lately my Japanese learning has consisted almost entirely of consuming Japanese material. I’ve been regularly reading Japanese every day such that I keep forgetting to update Tadoku, watching a lot of Japanese videos on YouTube, and listening to podcasts. I’ve also done quite a bit of shadowing this month, and practiced speaking just to myself to see how quickly I can recall things for use in conversation (for example, I might try to go over what I will have for lunch or what I need to do that day, in Japanese). Besides that, I’ve also continued with translating, which continuously makes me learn new things. I’ve been enjoying it. ^^

I still would like to have more tangible Japanese reading material, as I currently only have a photo book, a magazine, and some animation school information packets…but it’s okay. I can go back and read what I haven’t, and that’s fine for now. :3

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lovely evening/day and I shall update again soon!
Good night (“⌒∇⌒”)

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