Halfway Through AIS – How AIS Has Helped Me So Far

I used to have the opinion that being a self-taught artist it was important that others know you were self-taught–no classes, no tutors, no nothing. I would feel awkward buying how to draw books for references because I didn’t want people to think I didn’t teach myself. But learning from others is important; you achieve the ability to utilize new techniques with your own unique creativity to make your art all the better.

As of the moment, I have completed two sections of the Art Instruction School‘s course. Through those lessons, in the time it’s taken me to complete them, my art has definitely been taken to a new level. But not only have I learned about things like lighting and painting methods, I’ve also learned about how to better approach artistic challenges, such as logo/commercial design, or drawing something I’ve never drawn before. Perhaps just as important as that, I have learned more about myself.

AIS has helped me to grow as a person just as much as it has helped me become a better artist. The assignments have provided me with challenges I could not back out of, something which I think was sorely needed. Having no choice but to sit down and do it, even though I would get terribly frustrated with many of the assignments and how “not perfect” my work was and subsequently spend an evening in tears, truly gave me a great appreciation for artists who work primarily in traditional media, and pushed me into being far more proactive in general.

Because of that, I’m very grateful, and I look forward to the coming lessons knowing that they will continue to help me grow as an artist and as a person!

…Of course I have to finish the assignments I have right now first! ^^;

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