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I was nominated by Tukusigal for the Liebster Award, which after a bit of searching I discovered means something like “Favorite”–it’s an award for up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers in a “pass-it-on” format. (So it’s actually more of a tag! Lol) Thank you very much for the nomination!! (●´∀`●)

I don’t usually do tags… But let’s try! (ง •̀_•́)ง

11 Random Facts About Myself

1) Unexpectedly, I dislike watermelon…!

2) I have a habit of playing with my hair when I’m thinking really hard, or when I’m nervous.

3) I’m 164 cm (5′ 4.5″).

4) I love the outdoors, but I’m actually inside most of the time (which I don’t mind lol).

5) I’m a Christian <3

6) My natural hair color is actually blonde. I’m letting it grow back out because I don’t want to use artificial products on my hair anymore.

7) I don’t have a driver’s license or permit…! M-Maybe one day… (ノдヽ)

8) I have to have my bicycle set to where at least my toes will touch the ground when I take my feet off the pedals. I can’t ride a bike unless the seat is set low enough where that happens. ^^; I also prefer biking in wide, open spaces because I hate making narrow turns and having to pass other bikers (don’t want to risk crashing–happened once with a bush, doesn’t need to happen again).

9) I tend to get most into a blogging mood on rainy days. (Guess what…today’s a rainy day lol!)

10) I wore makeup occasionally in middle school, but stopped altogether after about tenth grade because it takes too much effort lol. More than that, it’s not even good for your skin. (It makes for an interesting art medium though.) Nowadays I just use coconut oil and occasionally pore strips. 😛

11) I like Asian fashion! When I was in China, some people said that if I were Asian, I’d blend right in with my outfits. (Fun fact: For some reason several people thought I was Russian??)

Tukusigal’s Questions

1) What are your favorite pastime activities?

→I love drawing, writing, and reading~

2) Are you a morning person or a night owl?

→I am definitely a morning person! I hate sleeping past 8 AM and prefer to wake up between 5 and 7 AM. I love bright and sunny mornings up till midday~ That’s when I have a bunch of energy! I really like early morning as well, you know, the time around daybreak. It’s very peaceful.

3) What food do you like?

→Oh, man. A more specific question, please. XD Of course, I like chocolate!! Salt-water fish, rice, carrots, greens (like baby spinach, baby kale, baby romaine, etc.), pears (especially Asian pears!!! *Q*)……to name a few things! I like a variety of dishes, including Asian dishes, Italian… I can’t eat foods that are cheesy or very spicy though.

4) What holiday do you like the best?

→I’d have to say…all the winter holidays! So Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s~ Lol

5) Which season do you like the best?

→I’d have to say I like Fall/Autumn the best. Early Fall is nice because it’s not as hot and the bugs start to go away. Lol And the beautiful colors the leaves make! I do like Summer and late Spring for being able to wear all sorts of clothes I can’t wear in the Winter. ^-^

6) Do you get along with all your family members?


7) If you can have another life, what would you want to be?

→Actually, I wouldn’t want to be anyone else besides me. ^-^

8) If you are a woman, do you like muscular and shorter (not shorter than you) men or skinny and taller men?

→Interesting question. Haha. I’m totally not in the market for any relationship so I’ve not really thought about it. ^^;

9) When was your first love?

→By “love” do you mean “crush”? Lol. I’ve had several crushes but got over them quickly. (Anime crushes are another story… /hit) If you mean “love” as in “relationship”, I’ve never dated anyone.

10) Which type of movies would you like the best, comedy, action, romantic, documentary, SciFi, or something else?

→I really like family-friendly movies and movies from my favorite anime. I’m very picky about it, but I also like comedy and action. Some documentaries are cool too, if I’m interested in the subject.
Examples of movies I like:
Happy Feet
Kung Fu Panda
Facing the Giants / Fireproof / Courageous
Rise of the Guardians

11) What kind of music do you like? Any singers you like?

→I like Christian music and J-Pop. I’m pretty picky about my music as well, so I won’t listen to music with dark/dirty lyrics or music from artists who are headed off the deep end (or have already fallen off). Likewise, if the song is decent but the promotional video has risque/showy dancing, then I won’t support that single.
The Christian music I have is across the board: Skillet, TobyMac, Barlow Girl, Sanctus Real, Tenth Avenue North, Red, etc. (lately I’ve just been listening to the radio for my Christian music though – radio stations “The Fish” and “WAYFM”)
For J-pop, I pretty much stay within Hello!Project, but I also like some Vocaloid songs (song-specific, not producer/Vocaloid singer-specific) and some anime songs.

Some recent favorites:

I Nominate…

I’ll take my time with the nomination part…!

How does Liebster work?

  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated your blog.
  • When you receive the award, you must post 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Paste the award picture into your blog.
  • Answer the questions posed by the blogger who awarded you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (while making sure that you notify the blogger that you nominated them).
  • Write up 11 NEW questions directed towards your nominees.

My Questions for the Nominees:

  1. Do you prefer big birthday parties or small birthday gatherings (like just close family and a friend or two)?
  2. If trees could be any color all-year round, what color would you want them to be?
  3. Do you know how to correctly pronounce the word “colonel” and do you know why it’s spelled that way (without researching it! lol)?
  4. Do you have a dream house? If so, briefly describe a room in your dream house.
  5. Are you right-eye dominant or left-eye dominant?
  6. How many books have you read this month?
  7. What was the most inspiring thing you have read in the past week (or two)?
  8. If you could choose one item to win (or buy without having to worry about the price), what would it be and why?
  9. What Internet browser do you use?
  10. What type of weather most puts you into a blogging mood?
  11. Please share a favorite recipe! (Not a question, exactly…but yeah.)

Please feel free to answer these questions even if I haven’t nominated you! ^o^ I’d like to think at least a few of them are interesting! ☆

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  1. Wow, you responded to the nomination so fast. Great! (it took me 6 months…) The questions 7 – 9 may not have been right for you, as you are so young. Yes, when I wrote ‘first love’, I menat ‘crush’. See, I am not a native English speaker, so sometimes please guess what I really mean. I am very interested why you became interested in J-pop, anime, manga (^^)

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