It’s been a rainy Independence Day holiday weekend so far, but it’s actually been a bit refreshing somehow, despite the oddness. XD Once the rain stops and the clouds clear, everything looks and feels really clean. ^-^

I’m feeling pretty good today because I received my sample business cards from moo.com and they’re soooo pretty! They turned out a lot better than I was expecting–the colors aren’t really much different from how they were on my screen, so that’s actually really exciting. The feel of the cards is nice and smooth, and it’s a really nice matte. I’m just blown away by the quality. *v* I’m planning to make an actual order soon, hopefully tomorrow. I’m excited!!

I also got a sample of sorts of one of my drawings printed at a local UPS store. The quality was amazing but more expensive than I can do right now. ;_; That’s why I only printed one and why I’m calling it a sample! Lol. I asked about bulk discounts but there aren’t really any so sad face. 🙁 Aside from that, it was quite cropped because I could only print at 11″x14″ or greater and the size I drew at was for printing at 8.5″x11″ (the size I want to print my artbook). I expected that would happen and it still looks good; it’s just that…some of the bottom and one side is missing…

I’m going to try out some other places too… The price is really the only thing… ><;;

Oh! My AIS #10 assignment came back the other day! I got another A! ;v; I’m so relieved. Next is color theory and application, so there’s a lot more paint…ing. (I don’t dislike painting; it’s just…messy. :P)

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