Lang-8, 多読, and Grammar!

I’m going to ramble a bit with this, so each topic will go into a bullet point!

  • The difficulty I have with Lang-8 at present is not so much posting as it is responding to the helpful corrections and comments…when they are written in Japanese. For some reason, my brain flags it as something to be dealt with later, and I close the window and procrastinate replying and utilizing the corrections. ><
  • I came across the 多読 (Read or Die) website again, and after seeing the results of Round 1, I am inspired to join Round 2! Round 2 runs from May 1-31. You set a reading goal in your target language, and submit your progress to the 多読 bot on Twitter, which keeps track for you. It looks fun, definitely.
  • When I started using WaniKani, I said “I know basic grammar; all I need now is the vocab to fill my sentences with.” Now that I’m at Level 13 on WK, and reading more “real world” Japanese daily, I’m now saying the opposite! I’ve been looking for a good place to learn Japanese grammar, and have come up basically with Tae Kim and TextFugu. TextFugu I’ve not been using since I was going through it too quickly thinking I already knew the info (and didn’t bother reinforcing my knowledge with practice), and also because Koichi is going to revise it soon. Tae Kim’s guide is good, but not all-inclusive, and I’m wondering if I should go through it from beginning to end as I would a textbook, or look up only the grammar point I have in mind.

…In other news, I am thirsty and thus require water. o_o

4 Replies to “Lang-8, 多読, and Grammar!

  1. That was an interesting ramble Yuki! Nice to see you still blogging 🙂
    i would email u but it wouldnt get through. would you like me to link you from my site? 😀 all has been well. Btw whats going on with your sites?

    1. Thanks. 🙂
      Really? That’s strange. Ah, I’ve deleted Mahou no Ichigo and basically all my other ones besides my official site because I wasn’t doing anything with them;; It’s much less of a burden now, so I’m happy. :3
      Glad you are doing well also.

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