Yappari… (Why College Is Not For Me Yet)

You know, sometimes I want to post my original song lyrics…but I’m afraid someone would steal them. ^^;

Hm…not much else to say. My mom and I looked at several colleges/universities today with the help of Google… We only looked seriously at the ones that offer online courses because we thought it would be cheaper and attending college online would mean I wouldn’t have to deal with typical college drama. Looking at Associate and Bachelor degrees in Art only, it became clear that it would be way too expensive no matter what options I chose. Even the local MTSU would be way more expensive than the most popular online art school! Not to mention that MTSU, while minutes away from my house, has no online program and dumps tons of fees on you in addition to making you stay on campus for your first year no matter how close you live. And even if cost wasn’t a problem, the courses offered aren’t really what I would be looking for.

I don’t really plan to go to college, but I look from time to time just to see. Each time I am reminded of the reasons why it would be better to not go:

1) Not going saves a ton of money and keeps me far away from government loans. I don’t want to owe anyone anything. Federal loans are just a ploy to make you enslaved to the government–you must pay them off, even if you have no job and no income. Like…what? D;
2) Not going to a physical college spares one from the aforementioned college drama where people try to brainwash you into doing stupid things like “parties” (quotes indicate that they are not parties–you know, ice cream cake and balloons and happy kids running around everywhere–but attempts to suck people into the ways of evildoing), drugs, sex, and creepy sororities (in for liiiiiiife *wiggles fingers* though some probably aren’t actually bad, but they do take up a lot of time from what I’ve heard). It is the cursed college cult. ;A; Going to an online college also spares you from this drama, so that is a plus there. Still, chat rooms can be dangerous… (And yes, not everyone goes through the college drama, but it happens often enough that it makes me not want to go.)
3) Not going to college means you don’t have to learn what you don’t want to learn. Same with homeschooling. You choose what you want to learn and you learn it on your own terms. If I go to college only for a specific course, but have to take many others just to meet the requirements and gain the needed credits, then I am spending time and money on something I am not interested in learning and may not use anyway.
4) I can be more productive at home and with my own projects by not going to college because I can use the time I would be spending studying for getting things done. For example, I juice for my family while my parents are at work. This saves them time and energy, and it’s a way that I can help out and get nutritional benefits as well! I can take care of the dishes, the laundry, and the bathrooms as needed. By me being home in order to do these things I give my parents extra time in their day to relax after work or to do other things. I can spend most of the day drawing, whereas while attending college I would have to devote more attention to my classes and homework.
5) I can learn just as much outside the classroom setting! I can learn from artists on deviantART, from tutorials and Livestream sessions, from trustworthy books I read, from Google-sensei (as Danny Choo calls it), and from people in my daily life. If I really need to learn with a hands-on experience, I can go to a seminar or ask someone who really knows how to do/use whatever I want to learn to teach me how.

There are benefits of going to college, obviously. But for me and what I want to do (and like to do), it just seems like too much of a chore…too much of a burden to take on. Translators and artists do not need degrees to perform well. And I’m sure there is a course I could take separate from college to certify me as a translator…unless passing the JLPT Level 1 is enough.

We’ll just see what happens. I have a lot of plans and a lot of goals… I don’t want to lose to college students! So I will strive to do my best, never give up, and always put my heart in everything I do. With God’s help, I’m sure that that, above anything else, will make the biggest difference in the end. :3

Well, I said I didn’t have much else to say and then I went and wrote all of that. XD If you made it this far, thanks for reading… ^^; I hope you got something out of it…

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