Is Paint Tool SAI Compatible with Windows 7?

For some reason, today I feel slightly bothered. I was trying to fix an old drawing and it’s not turning out right. I’m not sure why… I haven’t drawn Naruto stuff in a while, but that sort of thing isn’t normally an issue. I have to juice today, and lately I haven’t minded that; I’ve been getting a lot done on juicing days. But today I just feel cranky. Maybe I just need more sleep (which I do). Maybe it’s PMS. I don’t know. |D

BUT ANYWAY. My brother is getting his very own laptop this afternoon! 😀 It’s this Windows 7 laptop from Target and he’s paying for it all by himself. It will be pretty exciting~~~ The Bamboo Fun tablet will work with it, and we can use my SAI info so we won’t have to pay for it again when we download it on his computer. Plus, the tablet has a mouse with it and the laptop comes with a free zip-sleeve/case thing, so there won’t be any extra expenses! My mom has an old gift card which will cover the tax. :3

A-And my brother says I can use it from time to time to do Procaster Livestreams on SAI. ovo That will be very, very, VERY nice. ;w; Thank you, brother! <3

Thought I'd share these links! Here is where I found the info about software and hardware compatibility with Windows 7:

Detstwo SAI forum (found via Google search result)
Official SAI website FAQ (English)
Windows Compatibility Center (official Windows site)

Also, Firefox started displaying Japanese text on my Windows XP computer! (It doesn’t have support for Japanese and I don’t have the CD required to install the drivers for it.) It’s slightly warped, though, and I don’t know how to make it more readable. o_o Though I did install a plug-in called “Kitsune”, which allows you to type in Japanese without needing to use your operating system’s support drivers. It works pretty well, although the font is still oddly warped…

Sketchdump uploaded to deviantART yesterday, by the way~ Some had been requesting that I upload more sketches, so… There you go! ^^

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