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Apparently an AIS representative went to my brother’s school yesterday and talked to the students about the program. They handed out applications to anyone who wanted them, and my brother got two–one for himself, and one for me. He turned in some forms with our info on them (and spelled my name wrong, among other things, but oh well), and brought the rest of it home.

Needless to say, I was surprised.

We each have to fill out the entry form and draw a picture in the box. The thing is…you have to choose one of the three subjects to draw, and they are: a dog, a cartoon bear, and a pirate. I don’t want to draw any of them! XD But I must at least humor my brother; he wants to enter with me and wants my help on his drawing too. (Of course, if I help too much, it might as well be a double entry from me…) He wants to draw the pirate, so I guess I’ll do that too…?

But that’s doable. The part of the entry form that really gets me is the question “Why would you like to improve your art and drawing?”.

It made me realize that I don’t actually know the answer to that question. I can tell you what I want to improve on, what I want to study and/or learn, what kinds of things I like to draw, but ask me why and I can’t tell you. D: Saying “Because I want to” isn’t a real answer, to be honest, and other answers I’ve thought of don’t actually answer the question either.

“I want to improve my art because…”


Because I want to be as good as someone else? No, I look at art that is better than mine and get inspired by it. I study the lighting and the movement in the picture. I remark, “How amazing”, but don’t feel jealous.

Because I want to draw like someone else? Perhaps I might want to draw something like a certain picture, but it is the composition, the elements, the pose, the impact–those are the things that I want to emulate, not necessarily the person’s style. So no, this isn’t the answer either.

Because I want my art to be good enough for people to buy? My art is good enough. This answer comes from fear of something that stems from my own lack of stepping up to the plate and not updating enough. As I draw, I improve. As I look, I learn. The more I show my art, the more people can see it. It is not that I need to be good enough for people to buy from me, rather, I should be good enough for me–so that I have the confidence to stand up and let myself be seen.

Because I want to be more confident in it? I AM confident in it. I must kick procrastination to the curb and show that by uploading more often!

Because it’s the natural thing to do? Yeah, perhaps that’s more like it…
I want to improve my art because it’s the natural thing to do.

… 🙂 I knew if I wrote a blog entry I’d be able to come up with an answer. I don’t know how the school will receive it, but at least it’s honest. And, really, the best thing I can come up with at the moment. ^^;

Here’s the website:

There is just one standard course, so far as I can tell… What my brother and I are filling out will be sent in to see if we get a scholarship to go. Upon completion of the course, we could both receive 24 credit hours if we were to then attend a traditional school.
Interesting. Guess we’ll see what happens. |D

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