Beautiful Tuesday

It is so nice outside!!!! It kinda makes me want to actually spend some time out there…

Yesterday I learned the dance for “Happy Synthesizer” and I’m really proud of myself since I had originally thought it was too hard to learn. That just goes to show you…just because something looks complicated doesn’t mean it is. Yesterday I also practiced the dance for “Hello/How are you” because my mom wants to learn the dance (and the song) and I also got a request for it.

LolliProDubs is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment since Leader is busy and we actually have a lot of dubs waiting to be uploaded already. As for KawaTama, I’ve been working bit by bit on K~Y’s next single. It’s taken longer than the others because I’ve had to keep re-recording to get good vocals on my end, and though the video is almost complete, it needs the actual music to be comprehensible. XD The other reason for the delay is K~Y’s first cover CD; I’ve been working on all the mixing for that and yeah… In addition to that, I have other things to do…largely in the ‘art’ category.

That being said, I’m not sure when my artbook will be released now. I had originally wanted it printed in the spring, but it’s nearing fall now. Maybe I’ll aim for winter. I definitely would like it to be printed this year. ><;; I think that once I talk to some printers in our area I'll have a better idea of what I need to do. "orz


As for our kitchen floor, an insurance guy is coming out sometime (this morning?) to look at it and the pictures I took of it to evaluate damage and stuff…

As for our vacation (we leave this Saturday!!), it seems there is a hurricane heading for the opposite coast. I really hope that it will turn out to the open sea and just dissipate. It doesn't need to damage anything more than what it already has. We'll probably get some rain while we're down there because of that storm. Of course, it usually rains some anyway… I just hope we get several days like this while we're down there, because today really is beautiful. 🙂

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