More Rain?!

Yaaaaah. >.>
It rained ALL DAY today…in fact, it STORMED most of the day. I’m just thankful that we’re safe and unharmed.
Though I wanted to Livestream today…I’ll do it tonight, even though it’s late for me.

We ate at Jason’s Deli and it was delicious…

I’m so tired rofl….the storm that came through this morning took out power (electricity) to our house, woke me up early and kept me half-awake until I fell asleep for a few minutes. I woke up again…and once I went back to sleep again, my alarm went off because the power came back on. -A- So I was like…really sleepy for a few hours because I couldn’t really get back to sleep and I wanted to draw. XD Another storm rolled in and I got a burst of energy~

But in the end, my desktop PC (Windows, that is) was off most of the day due to the multitude of storms and I was basically sitting in front of the TV watching the weather for the better part of the afternoon… Well, at least I got the juicing done, did a bit of drawing, and watched Namie’s Livestream… (

So, like….I’m gonna LS now, but Idk how many people will actually come watch. XD;;; It’s nearly 10:30 PM here and all~ But I’m tired….but I just ate two hours ago and I don’t want to go to bed on a full stomach orz…and I want to draw. ;A; So, er, yes.

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