Middle Tennessee Anime Convention Info 2015

26 Mar

I’ve been busy drawing new prints and stuff for this year’s MTAC, so I haven’t really been lurking around the internet much…well, at least not on social media. I did have to look up references, you know. xP The con … Read More »

[Hatsune Miku] Ryuusei -Across the Starlight- (S-JIS, Romaji, Translation) (repost)

5 Oct

(Imported from yuki-ongaku.blogspot.com, published 09-07-11) 「流星 -Across the Starlight-」 “Ryuusei -Across the Starlight-“ (Shooting Star -Across the Starlight-) Vocal: Hatsune Miku Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: minato (Ryuusei-P) Romanization: anaraquelk2 (fixed by me) Translation: Suishou Yuki (me) [S-JIS] 涙さえ 流さずに あの日から 待ち続けた 夜には想い出す君の音 フォルテの雨音の中 Ah- 空を翔る流星は 今も闇を照らしてる … Read More »