Duel Cafe Preorders Open + GIVEAWAY!

duel cafe giveaway 1

To commemorate the release of my first artbook, I decided to hold a giveaway!!! Full details can be found here on deviantART.

  • assorted YGO! prints
  • a bunch of Japanese snacks
  • YGO! sketch request from me (one character, can be from any YGO! series)
  • *one copy of Duel Cafe (book only) *please note that this will ship separately, at the same time I ship preorders
  • YGO! cards (selection from my own collection)
  • and more!?

Giveaway ends on May 4th, 2016, 11:59 PM CDT. Winner will be announced on May 6th, 2016.

If you’d rather not leave it up to chance, have a look below and then head over to the preorder page and choose the set you want! (But make sure to enter the giveaway too! :D)

duel cafe orders open

The preorder period lasts from April 21st – June 10th! Regular orders will open after all preorders have shipped~

duel cafe preorder specials

As of this writing, there are still some free sketch slots available, so if you preorder soon, you should be able to grab one! x3

Patreon-Exclusive Treats <3
-alternate artwork! Decide which version you like better
-WIPs of artwork that didn’t make it into the book!
-PSD files!
-full pose sketches for some pictures
-wallpaper set (for computer and smartphone)
My patrons will get access to all of this and more in the coming weeks!
You can become a Patron here! Also let me know what other kinds of things you’d like to see from me as Patreon rewards <3


Q. When will I get my order?
Preordered items will not ship until after the preorder period closes (6/10). Don’t worry if Storenvy sends you an email about this; your order will be shipped out shortly after June 10th. If you’d like to stay up to date, please follow me on social media, as I will give updates on the status of packages there.

Q. What if I miss preorders? How long do I have to wait for regular orders to open?
Regular orders will open after all preorders have been shipped.

Q. Will you be selling the preorder extras (stickers, etc.) separately as well?
The sticker sheets and limited-edition print (available in Set A and Set B) are available only as long as supplies last and will not be reprinted or sold separately.
Charms will be not be available separately until August 2016.

Q. Can I order other things in your store at the same time?
Yes! Keep in mind that if you order other items along with your preorder (such as stickers or prints), they will ship when your preordered item ships, in order to save shipping costs.

Q. Will you be selling copies at conventions?
Q. Can I pick up my order at a convention? (REGULAR ORDERS ONLY)

Yes! I will be selling the book (by itself) at conventions as well (if I have a confirmed table).
Yes, you can pick up your order at a convention! Check the list of conventions I will be attending, and if you will be going to the same one, you can let me know in the note to seller comment box.

If you have any questions, please let me know! Thank you so much for your patience and support, everyone! ;w;

☆ Preorder here ☆

Year Outlook?

Two mornings after the snow we had two weeks ago.

Two mornings after the snow we had two weeks ago.

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to 2016! It’s already February. Wow. I barely noticed January, though I certainly felt and made good use of every single day, because my artbook is done! I’m just waiting to hear back from the printers, and then a bit after that it will be in physical form! ;v;

My original timeline got thrown off, somewhat predictably I must say, by a week of being sick, the period of guest artist recruitment (quite nerve-wracking! *sweats*), and other things unrelated to the project that I had to give attention to. I’ve had ups and downs and had to deal with all sorts of things, so it’s been a very good challenge and lesson bundled up into one.

At the moment I’m working on Continue reading

My Birthday 2015

Hi everyone! I’ve been super-focused on getting artwork done for my artbook so I haven’t been doing much else, including blogging. Dx I haven’t forgotten about the con recaps and I have lots of reviews I plan to write up as well, but for now I have to devote my time to my artbook so I won’t be actively blogging until January, probably.

That said, my birthday was two days ago on the 10th! I turned 23 oAo

I think as time goes on you expect less on your birthday, but you always still want it to be special. You no longer ask for toys and feel bad asking for big ticket items but you still want something for a present that’s more than just a gift card. I think it’s an interesting transition, marking growth into maturity and, hopefully, growth into being more selfless and not quite so self-centered just because it’s your birthday. (Thousands of other people share your birthdate, after all!)

This year my birthday was rather quiet for much of the day XD I was a little lonely because Nana slept until noon and then had to go to the store to get stuff for a cake (mainly strawberries since we would have eaten them all had we gotten them earlier LOL), and everyone else was at work. I got several kind birthday wishes from friends and acquaintances on and offline, however, and a few wonderful cards ;w; In the evening, I went to spin class with my parents and then they surprised me by taking me to Grandmother’s house for dinner!

I had been expecting dinner at home, so it was quite a surprise XD But I was super happy. Nana brought the cake over and we had a wonderful dinner~

Things I got for my birthday:

-three notebooks (my mom took me to Walmart to pick them out XD)
-bag of cranberry granola *w*
-my mom tried to draw a little picture for me! It’s adorable XD
-Western Digital 2TB My Cloud (refurbished)
-Theo dark chocolate and ginger chocolate bar

Thank you so much!!! <3

P.S. I’m having a birthday sale on my store! Until 11/17 you can get 25% off everything! http://yuki.storenvy.com

Interesting Problem

I’m running into an interesting problem while working on my artbook.

A good chunk of the art is half-done WIP stuff that I started on anywhere from 2011 on, so my drawing time while working on these pages has been significantly slower than usual. ;A; In fact, several pieces are so “bad” (that is, I’ve improved a lot since I first drew it/started drawing it) that I’m having to either severely edit or completely redraw them. :3c

This will make for good “before and after” type shots, but it’s a little tough at the moment, and slightly frustrating not being able to get things done as quickly as I usually can. Nor am I able to work on much of anything else (such as blog posts…). But that’s about what I expected, so I really can’t complain.

Anyway, I will try to have recap posts of both Kentokyocon and AWA up sometime this month! In the meantime, check out Patreon for progress updates on my artbook! ;3

*PSA: Commissions are currently closed; my waitlist is open if you don’t mind waiting several months.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 Preparations

Virtually a month after Kentokyocon, I’m heading out to a con again–this time in Atlanta, GA.

Preparations were not without hitches this time, however. I was only able to have one new picture done in time for printing (I had wanted two), neglected to check my business cards until it was too late to order more, and had a general sense of inferiority setting in, feeling like I wouldn’t have enough of anything and wouldn’t be interesting enough to people walking by.

But a lot of good is coming out of this experience already, and it’s hardly even begun. We’ve ordered and/or picked up lots of new things such as clothing, a paper cutter, a rolling cart, and more that should help make this con go even smoother for us, even though they are small things. (And I have plenty of new things to write reviews on too!) We have realized big, mental roadblocks that have been causing us to sabotage ourselves in our respective walks, and our goals, and perhaps now we will be able to move forward at a pace a little better than a snail’s crawl.

For this weekend, we are praying for good health and, of course, good sales, as I’m sure everyone else is! Of course I hope the other artists do well too. ^^ But I am also praying that we will be able to take what we learn, realize, and have already realized from this trip back home and put it into action. This will be our fourth con (third if you count MTAC twice) and each time we go, we learn a lot. Each area is different and has different tastes, for example; different prints sell better at different places.

Anyway! We arrived yesterday and today we’re just hanging out. In fact, the only thing we have to do is pick up our badges; everything else is optional. We may set up our table but we aren’t sure yet.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be here–table 1072!

AWA AA Table Map close up AWA AA Table Map

I’ve picked out a few panels I may try to go to, but I should be at the table for most of the time. ^^ 

If you’re free and in Atlanta this weekend, please come by!

Kentokyocon 2015 Recap!

In 2016, Kentokyocon will be held in the Lexington Convention Center, on August 26-28, and I am happy to say I will be returning to the Artist Alley!

My mom said that I probably wouldn’t post this recap until after AWA. I assured her that wouldn’t be the case, but what do you know… ( ̄▽ ̄)  Well, at long last, here is my experience at Kentokyocon!


This was my first time going both to Kentokyocon and to Kentucky, though I ended up not seeing much of Kentucky besides what was alongside the road as we headed back home XD Since we arrived late at night and didn’t leave the hotel until check-out, I didn’t even know what the neighboring buildings looked like! Lol

Day 1 – Ow.

The con, in its third year, was held in the Lexington Clarion hotel. My only experience with Clarion hotels so far has been staying in a decent room with basic amenities, where the hotel itself is fairly small and not much to look at. So it is understandable that my first impression of the Clarion in Lexington, despite being half-asleep due to our 1 AM arrival time, was “quality!”


This hotel is spread out and has a good-sized convention space, with a welcoming lobby and nice rooms. It was definitely much better than what I had been expecting! Furthermore, our room ended up being ground-level, and only a number of steps away from the convention area itself. This meant that all we had to do was walk straight out from our hallway, pass by the dealer’s room and con advertisement space, and we were right in the artist alley. It was the most conveniently-placed stay I’ve had at a con so far, and that made it considerably easier to haul stuff from the room to the table–it was such a short walk!

As I mentioned, we arrived late (er, early?) but checked in with no problem. Con staff were still awake at that hour, amazingly, so we asked for additional badges for my dad and grandmother so that they could help at the table if needed. (Kentokyocon allows up to two additional table assistant badges for free(!!!!), which is amazing since usually you need to purchase extra badges for every assistant.)

The next day (well, the same day) began with a headache, but it wasn’t unbearable, so we went out to the con space in plenty of time to set up and wait for the “official” open time–though, since the artist alley was in an open area, if you were set up and at your table, you were pretty much ready for anyone wandering by. This first day was incredibly slow, which other artists who had been before said was normal. I got three commissions and only sold a couple of prints; a record low. XD

Because little action was happening and I was fading fast (I was overheated in my lolita outfit and the headache was getting steadily worse), we closed up early (around 3 PM) and headed back to the room. After getting my back and neck and such adjusted, and after eating, I felt well enough to walk around some, so we did.

We took our time walking around the artist alley, and then the dealer’s room. I only bought three posters from a dealer (despite having suspicions) and an adorable onigiri plushie from an artist.

Unfortunately, my suspicions were proved correct in that the dealer I bought from was selling stolen artwork. I searched online after we got back home, comparing a poster I had said looked familiar with a piece of art I had seen recently on deviantART. They matched. So if you come across the table of a dealer called “JPUS Enterprises Inc”, do not buy from them, or at least don’t buy their posters. They are more suspicious because even though they show up on all sorts of convention dealer’s lists, they have virtually no online presence and conflicting phone information. I will personally be avoiding them and be extra critical of dealers from now on.

Anyway… I typically don’t buy a lot at conventions, and that was the same here. XD; There were some other things I had wanted to get from artists, but the girls working the particular table kept setting up so late in the day that it was usually when we were closing down for the day, so it was inconvenient to make any sort of transaction.

Again, this Clarion was so much more than what I had expected. Beyond the artist alley, there was a guests-only area that contained a big pool, hot tub, arcade area, basketball court, concessions stand (which was closed), eating spots, and an area set up for the game of horseshoes.

After walking around, we headed back to the room, ate dinner, and hung out until bedtime.

Day 2 – Family Reunion

Day two started out fairly well, with me needing another adjustment because my head was still hurting, but getting better from there. I completely forgot to put on makeup for my Kotori cosplay but I suppose it’s okay since I never wear makeup anyway ^^; I sold several prints and got some sketches done, one of which sold by the end of the day, but in the afternoon it got rather sleepy and I finally got so bored I made a sign that said, “Commission me! I’m bored!” I actually did get a commission after that, but I don’t think they saw the sign since I only held it up for a few seconds XD

One major highlight of this day was getting to meet family I hadn’t met before! An uncle lives in Lexington and Nana contacted him beforehand to see if we could see him and his family sometime, and he and one son (so, my cousin) came on Saturday to see us. My cousin looked around and went to panels for a lot of the time XD He seemed to enjoy it, so I’m glad. All of us got to talk with both of them at some point, but we definitely spent the most time talking to my uncle.

I also met some people who recognized me from MTAC, which was neat XD One showed me they still have the things they bought from me in their artist bag! That made me happy ;v;

The Saturday of conventions is usually the biggest day (I think), and while there definitely was more traffic, it still wasn’t as much as I would have expected, though certainly other artists did quite well on this day. ^^ One thing I learned from this convention was that different areas have different interests, so that’s completely understandable. Lexington had more people interested in American shows and shows I hadn’t heard of, as well as classics like Sailor Moon that I’ve never watched. ^^; My prints that usually move well didn’t here, while prints that usually don’t move (such as my originals) sold several copies. It was really interesting.

Day 3 – Slow

Sunday was a slow day sales-wise, but I sold several of my original prints that tend not to sell as much, so that made me really happy. :3 We left early in order to get back home with enough time…and to save my dad from sheer boredom. XD

I was terrible at making efforts to record anything from this trip, so I apologize for the lack of photos.

A few people mentioned that they hoped to see me back, and I think I wouldn’t mind doing so. I would like to use conventions as ways to visit family anyway, so I think that it would be nice.

Thanks for reading! ^o^

Kentokyocon 2015 Artist Alley

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to post a quick update.

This weekend (August 28-30th) I’m going to be in Lexington, Kentucky for Kentokyocon. This will be my first time going to Kentucky, so I’m excited to see the area ^o^ If you’re around, please come by and visit!

kentokyocon 2015 map

**Since I’m traveling farther this time I’m taking limited stock, but everything will still be available on my store of course!

**Also, next month I’m going to be in the Artist Alley at Anime Weekend Atlanta! (September 24-27) Please stop by if you can!!

View this, commission updates, and more on dA here: http://fireaangel.deviantart.com/journal/Upcoming-Events-map-added-for-Kentokyocon-554413306