My Birthday 2015

Hi everyone! I’ve been super-focused on getting artwork done for my artbook so I haven’t been doing much else, including blogging. Dx I haven’t forgotten about the con recaps and I have lots of reviews I plan to write up as well, but for now I have to devote my time to my artbook so I won’t be actively blogging until January, probably.

That said, my birthday was two days ago on the 10th! I turned 23 oAo

I think as time goes on you expect less on your birthday, but you always still want it to be special. You no longer ask for toys and feel bad asking for big ticket items but you still want something for a present that’s more than just a gift card. I think it’s an interesting transition, marking growth into maturity and, hopefully, growth into being more selfless and not quite so self-centered just because it’s your birthday. (Thousands of other people share your birthdate, after all!)

This year my birthday was rather quiet for much of the day XD I was a little lonely because Nana slept until noon and then had to go to the store to get stuff for a cake (mainly strawberries since we would have eaten them all had we gotten them earlier LOL), and everyone else was at work. I got several kind birthday wishes from friends and acquaintances on and offline, however, and a few wonderful cards ;w; In the evening, I went to spin class with my parents and then they surprised me by taking me to Grandmother’s house for dinner!

I had been expecting dinner at home, so it was quite a surprise XD But I was super happy. Nana brought the cake over and we had a wonderful dinner~

Things I got for my birthday:

-three notebooks (my mom took me to Walmart to pick them out XD)
-bag of cranberry granola *w*
-my mom tried to draw a little picture for me! It’s adorable XD
-Western Digital 2TB My Cloud (refurbished)
-Theo dark chocolate and ginger chocolate bar

Thank you so much!!! <3

P.S. I’m having a birthday sale on my store! Until 11/17 you can get 25% off everything!

Interesting Problem

I’m running into an interesting problem while working on my artbook.

A good chunk of the art is half-done WIP stuff that I started on anywhere from 2011 on, so my drawing time while working on these pages has been significantly slower than usual. ;A; In fact, several pieces are so “bad” (that is, I’ve improved a lot since I first drew it/started drawing it) that I’m having to either severely edit or completely redraw them. :3c

This will make for good “before and after” type shots, but it’s a little tough at the moment, and slightly frustrating not being able to get things done as quickly as I usually can. Nor am I able to work on much of anything else (such as blog posts…). But that’s about what I expected, so I really can’t complain.

Anyway, I will try to have recap posts of both Kentokyocon and AWA up sometime this month! In the meantime, check out Patreon for progress updates on my artbook! ;3

*PSA: Commissions are currently closed; my waitlist is open if you don’t mind waiting several months.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 Preparations

Virtually a month after Kentokyocon, I’m heading out to a con again–this time in Atlanta, GA.

Preparations were not without hitches this time, however. I was only able to have one new picture done in time for printing (I had wanted two), neglected to check my business cards until it was too late to order more, and had a general sense of inferiority setting in, feeling like I wouldn’t have enough of anything and wouldn’t be interesting enough to people walking by.

But a lot of good is coming out of this experience already, and it’s hardly even begun. We’ve ordered and/or picked up lots of new things such as clothing, a paper cutter, a rolling cart, and more that should help make this con go even smoother for us, even though they are small things. (And I have plenty of new things to write reviews on too!) We have realized big, mental roadblocks that have been causing us to sabotage ourselves in our respective walks, and our goals, and perhaps now we will be able to move forward at a pace a little better than a snail’s crawl.

For this weekend, we are praying for good health and, of course, good sales, as I’m sure everyone else is! Of course I hope the other artists do well too. ^^ But I am also praying that we will be able to take what we learn, realize, and have already realized from this trip back home and put it into action. This will be our fourth con (third if you count MTAC twice) and each time we go, we learn a lot. Each area is different and has different tastes, for example; different prints sell better at different places.

Anyway! We arrived yesterday and today we’re just hanging out. In fact, the only thing we have to do is pick up our badges; everything else is optional. We may set up our table but we aren’t sure yet.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be here–table 1072!

AWA AA Table Map close up AWA AA Table Map

I’ve picked out a few panels I may try to go to, but I should be at the table for most of the time. ^^ 

If you’re free and in Atlanta this weekend, please come by!

Kentokyocon 2015 Artist Alley

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to post a quick update.

This weekend (August 28-30th) I’m going to be in Lexington, Kentucky for Kentokyocon. This will be my first time going to Kentucky, so I’m excited to see the area ^o^ If you’re around, please come by and visit!

kentokyocon 2015 map

**Since I’m traveling farther this time I’m taking limited stock, but everything will still be available on my store of course!

**Also, next month I’m going to be in the Artist Alley at Anime Weekend Atlanta! (September 24-27) Please stop by if you can!!

View this, commission updates, and more on dA here:

Patreon and Zazzle Store Launch!

Hi, everyone! This August has been eventful already, and it’s not even half over! XD In the coming weeks I’ll be preparing to attend my first convention out of state, and third convention overall, and putting together the first two reward packs for the kind people who are supporting me on Patreon! But before too much stuff happens and I have to write an epically long update, I just wanted to write up something to share what I’ve been working on recently!

Phone Cases with My Art, Now on Zazzle!

Two days ago, I opened my own Zazzle store, where you can now find my artwork on products that aren’t paper! Right now I only have phone cases and pouches, but I intend to release other products with different designs in the future.

yuki zazzle opening day

The design is incredibly simple, and has no banner because I can’t get it to work properly even though I followed the specifications… -A- The banner gets centered, but the left and right sides get cut off. If anyone knows how to fix that, please let me know. I’d like to make the page more colorful!

yuki zazzle opening day 2

Although the listing says “iPhone cases”, you can choose other cases as well! Some look better than others depending on the design.

yuki zazzle opening day 3

If you’d rather keep your own phone case but want additional protection (or if you’re like me and want to protect your custom phone case as well XD) I also have phone pouches for sale. Like the cases, you can select a different style if you have a different phone model.

As you can see from the pictures, there’s a sale going on through tomorrow (8/15/15) if you want to buy a case and save a bit. ^^

I’m Now on Patreon!

I half-wonder if the art community is over-saturated with Patreon creators, or if it’s still largely unheard of, but either way, I made a page just to get it started. :3

yuki patreon

For those who don’t know, Patreon Continue reading

[Yajima Maimi] Ame [S-JIS, Romaji, Translation]

It’s raining today, so this is a fitting song (though sad), originally sung by Moritaka Chisato.

I’ve had this translation half-done since I first watched the video in 2013, but left it alone because there were a few things I wasn’t sure how to translate. Today, I remembered it and finished it up, fixing some mistakes I had made the first time around. Enjoy!

Performed by: Yajima Maimi (C-ute)
Lyrics: Moritaka Chisato
Composition: Matsuura Seiji
Romanization by:
Translation by: Suishou Yuki (me)

In the rain, disappearing drop by drop
I grow sad every time I gaze at you
Not even holding umbrellas, we’re holding our silence
Goodbye, my love Continue reading

辞職しました!I resigned!


Today was my final day at my part-time job. Two weeks ago, I turned in my notice, and now this day has finally come!

For the past year (June 2014 to June 2015), I have spent part of my week making sandwiches for a local health food store. When I first started, I thought it would be pretty easy, as I’m sure most people do when they start a job doing something like this. After all, it was just a bunch of sandwiches, right? But I got to see everything behind that; how the sandwich maker has to get up hours in advance to make 30-45 sandwiches before 10-11 AM so they’re ready for lunch; how the back room has to always be stocked; how to use a commercial sink; even communication is important in a job where all you do is make sandwiches!

I will have to say, I began regretting my decision to apply after the first few days of training. At that point, it took more than four hours for me to make sandwiches, because I was still learning where everything was and clinging to the cue cards, checking and double-checking to make sure I had everything right. I was coming in at around 6-6:30 AM, and it was eating up all of my morning, which I hated because I’m most creative in the morning and at night. I had no energy for most of the day, which sucked. I started getting constructive criticism from my boss, who said things like, “You’re going too slow. They need to be done in under three hours. It’s too expensive to sell sandwiches if you’re taking four hours to make them.” The previous sandwich-maker had been doing them in two hours or less! I thought that was crazy!

I almost quit. I thought it was impossible to make everything that quickly. But I didn’t want to abandon my boss only a month after starting, so I prayed for strength and persevered. Miraculously, almost, I was able to cut back the time each week. But it wasn’t quite good enough, since it still wasn’t under three hours per day. At the same time, the other newly-hired sandwich maker kept leaving some things in disarray or out of stock, which added to my time because I had to go back in after him. The cheese and turkey kept going moldy way before their expiration dates. It was quite a trying time, but I kept going.

One morning, I came in to find that the whole back room had been rearranged, and there was now a designated “sandwich station” that had everything needed for sandwich-making in one place–no more running here and there to get ingredients and looking in three different refrigerators. It was unbelievable how much this helped–not only did it work better in terms of layout, but it looked more professional, more like the back room of a restaurant than the back room of a store. It was about this time that I started coming in very early; early enough for my mom to help me, drop me off at home, and head to her work. My whole point was to be more efficient and get my time down (I was still hovering at just over three hours per day), but my boss said that had to stop, citing insurance as the reason. I learned later that aside from insurance, he wanted me to learn to do things by myself.

That was noble reasoning, I thought, so I kept coming in early and working as fast as I could. My new goal became not to get my hours down, but to get everything done before the person opening the store on a given day came in and turned on the music. (I had found out that having music going slows me down because I get distracted.) This was the trick. Now I was able to make sandwiches faster, often just under three hours per day, but still good nonetheless.

Through repetition, I started memorizing the recipes, and my time went down even more. Now, having fully memorized all of the recipes, I can make ~40 sandwiches in about two hours. Thanks to a communication error on my part (I misunderstood how it was written down but didn’t think I misunderstood at the time), I have made 84 sandwiches in four hours. So now I know that it isn’t crazy; making them that quickly definitely can be done!

Why did I quit?

There are a number of reasons, but the primary one is my art. That is what I want to focus on, that is what I want to spend my time doing, and I needed those mornings back. Yes, even though I ended up only working Fridays and Saturdays, save the times where I needed to swap a shift (like this week) or cover someone’s vacation (two weeks ago). Working a part-time job making sandwiches took up mental space as well; now I don’t have to worry about it.

It is good, I think, that if you are an artist with a part-time job, that job should be unrelated to artwork, because you won’t be expending your artistic energies on a job or project that is not your own. That was part of the reason why this sandwich job was good for me, for a time.

Another reason is that I felt like I had learned everything that I needed to from the position; there really wasn’t anything left for me to learn. I’d graduated from this training ground, so to speak. It was time to move on.

What I’ve Learned

I have learned a lot in the year’s time I’ve been at this position, definitely. I know I have grown as a person and matured a little since this time last year! If I were to sum up what I’ve learned into a few bullet points, it would be the following:

  • Music does NOT help me focus, unless I am drawing.
    • I tend to move slowly when there is music (especially with lyrics) because I start paying attention to the lyrics and painting mental pictures automatically. It’s exhausting trying to do two things at once!
    • When the first “regular shift” employee came in, he would usually turn on the music instantly, and it was always too loud and from a genre in which I only like 2% of the songs. :/ Most of the songs were filled with highly negative, dark, and demotivating messages, which made me angry and depressed my drive….which also made me move more slowly. Did I complain? No, because it was my own fault I didn’t have the sandwiches done before the music came on.
  • Workplace politics happens even at the small “family” business level.
    • Some employees are more favored than others; I’ve heard other employees complain about other employees behind their backs (often “he’s lazy” and such).
    • It doesn’t help when 90% of the employees are or have been high school/college kids.
  • I have to make decisions based on my own judgement and not seek others’ opinions all the time.
    • At the beginning, I had to have my hand held a lot. I meant no harm; I was only trying to do what my boss thought was right so I wouldn’t displease him. He finally told me that I was being annoying (in a word) and that I had to use my own judgement.
  • How to make wraps that don’t fall apart! 😀
  • Boiled eggs’ shells peel off faster when you’re wearing vinyl gloves.
  • I place a high emphasis on efficiency and reliability.
    • While I already knew reliability was very important to me, through this job I came to the realization that efficiency is also very important to me. In everything I do, I always try to find ways to be more efficient without sacrificing quality. I’ll even offer advice to others on more efficient ways to do things, though usually they just decide to keep doing it the way they are. = _ =;
    • This is why I get frustrated if I’m slogging through something; half of me is focused on trying to come up with a more efficient way of doing it!
  • There are many more people wearing facades than you think there are.
    • That, and people can change a lot in a year’s time…in good ways and bad ways. In short, there are a lot of hurt people in the world. In fact, I don’t think any one of us has no emotional bruising, and a lot of us art hurt even more than that. :/
  • Boiled eggs are AMAZING with Weasel Sneeze (or any kind of spicy, dry seasoning blend) and soy-free Veganaise mayo! *q*
  • What is truly important to me.
    • Doing things you don’t enjoy as much (things that aren’t your passion) helps put your priorities in perspective.
  • How to better manage my time.
  • How to manage a checkbook.
    • My first page of recorded transactions looks terrible. XD So many things scribbled out from where I messed up. Nonetheless, I think I’ve got the hang of it now.
  • I really do hate bugs.

Well, that’s it! From here on out, I’m focusing all of my efforts on my artwork and related projects! 😀

Thanks for reading, if you made it all the way to the end XD I hope writing a bit about my experience with this sandwich-making job and what I’ve learned can help someone else. Even if it’s a “simple” job, there are still valuable lessons to be learned from it–that’s something else I learned too!

What sorts of things did you learn from your first job?