Trivia for K~Y’s Newest Video, “Lalala no Suki na Aishuu Romantic”

This is the video Kristen and I made as a tribute to Michishige Sayumi, honoring her graduation on November 26th. Honestly, I have to say I don’t think it’s the best video we’ve ever made (split screens are always hard to work with…) but we did our best to pull it together just in time, and I hope you can tell that we had fun doing it. :3

Time for trivia! I’ve never done this before for our videos, but I thought it would be neat to give you some behind-the-scenes info about what went into this project! If Kristen has anything she’d like to add after I post this, I’ll edit with her additions.

  1.  The room I’m standing in is our living room (obviously). There is usually a pile of my dad’s stuff there (he just ends up putting stuff there lol) but not while I was recording! That’s because I actually took a picture of where his stuff was and then moved it. Once I was done filming, I moved it all back. XD He had no idea. He thought I had digitally erased it in the video. XD
  2. The part that goes “totsuzen KISS shite” had a whisper effect applied on Kristen’s vocals, but it was too overpowering and she had neither time to edit nor access to her computer, so I just used mine instead. :3c It still sounds odd because it’s just me singing there, but it doesn’t stick out as much. ^^
  3. I actually had a massive migraine while filming ^^;
  4. My dress is actually a dress over top of a skirt, and the thing around my waist is a ruffle scarf that my mom made for me last year.
  5. In the scenes where I’m sitting down, I’m actually sitting on top of a large exercise ball that’s on top of our exercise trampoline XD
  6. The music break in “Lalala no Pipipi” is mostly original choreography! ^-^
  7. Kristen’s dance shot cuts off abruptly because in one take, her head was largely cut off (you can see it when her dance shot pops back in), and in the other take, her roommates came home and she stopped filming at once. XD (I totally understand! Haha)
  8. I was going to add a “lalalala no pipipipi” over the ending of the song, but I ended up leaving it as it was~
  9. I just realized I used the wrong kanji for “aishuu”… *facepalm* It’s fixed now where I’m able to fix it. Sorry… orz

I Won NaNoWriMo!

I went pretty quiet on the internet for the whole month of November because I was focusing on writing my story, but I guess that was a good thing, because last night at around 11:30 PM, I hit 50,222 words and won NaNoWriMo!


I started out the month really great with 3,450 words on the first day, and despite some weird things happening in the first few weeks (really out of the blue stuff!) I pretty much stayed on target, being generally above par. Until the troublesome, infamous Week 3… In preparation for the video Kristen and I made for Michishige Sayumi’s graduation, I set a lot aside in order to power through recording and mixing, and my word count suffered at that point (but it was worth it, I think! Congratulations, Sayumin!)

Basically, I was at least day behind for every day after the 19th! It was frustrating because it had been going so well in the first two weeks ;A;

Then, when I was watching Youtube during a break (tried to get some Japanese study in there, though my WaniKani reviews have piled to nearly 400…), a recommended video showed up on the side that was by katytastic on Youtube (one of her recent live shows). When she talked about how doing word sprints helped her crank out 16K words in one day when she had been 10K behind, I got inspired and decided to give word sprints a chance! And let me tell you, they really do work!

My method was basically going back and finding holes in scenes I’d already established, and filling in that space, fleshing them out, and whenever I had an idea, I would immediately write it. I started doing word sprints on the 28th, and then powered through on the 29th for a day of 4,320 words. ;v;

I have to say that it was a lot more fun this year, and there may be multiple reasons for that, but at the same time I’m glad that I can take a break now! XD I really love my story and my characters, and I’ve definitely added a lot to the overall story, but it’s nice to not have the pressure of having to write 1,667 words every day! Hopefully what I’ve learned from NaNo will help me to continue writing at a better pace in general, so that I can begin uploading my story soon. My goal for that is June or July next year, or sooner if I can finally get satisfied with the first chapter XD.

*sigh* What’s funny is that I’m not sure what to do now that I don’t have a mission to write… Lol

Time to pull out the to-do list again!

And…maybe take a nap…

It’s October! NaNoWriMo Musings

Hi everyone! It’s been a while again… We were on vacation the second week of this month, and although I planned to write updates and share pictures, I decided in the end that it would be better to just relax and enjoy the time.

I feel like I’m really learning how to relax. I don’t need to neglect what I need to do, of course, but actually letting myself take breaks from things and relax without feeling guilty about it is very important; not only for myself, but for the things I’m working on. I can come back to them with a fresh mind and renewed energy, rather than slogging through them (fueled only by panic and prayers!). It’s a bit silly that it’s taken me this long to be able to put that into practice, despite the fact that I realized it quite a while ago, but I guess that doesn’t matter, does it? I mean, everyone does and learns things at their own pace, right?

Speaking of pacing, I feel like summer really flew by… Like it hardly even happened! I’m not quite ready to break out my warmer clothes, but I kinda have to. o.o;; It is October, after all.

Which reminds me that NaNoWriMo is less than a month away! WHAT?

It’s been almost a year(!?) since I properly participated in NaNo for the first time and I’m amazed at how quickly the time has gone by…

The story I worked on for last year’s NaNo is only half-done at best and still needs revision and what not when I finish it… I hadn’t intended to leave it sitting, but MTAC (and other things) interrupted my writing plan and I haven’t really revisited it much since. I will in the future, of course, but I think this year I will participate in NaNo a little differently.

Now, I don’t mean “different” things like “draw every day for 30 days” or “finish x number of artbook pictures” like I have tried (and failed at) before during NaNo in place of actually writing a novel. Since I have a goal of completing the writing of a certain fanfiction by July 2015, and I’ve been working on it pretty consistently for several months now, especially recently, I think I would like to try making that my focus for this year’s NaNo. I know you’re encouraged to start with a blank page (though having character bios, plot points, setting details, and the like are very much encouraged), but I can’t do that with this story because I’ve been writing it off and on since 2010. ^^;

I guess it’s okay, though. It’s not like I can publish it, aside from FFN. Lol

This fanfic is already at more than 70,000 words, so… I guess my goal can be to write 50,000 more words? XD If for some reason I can’t make that goal, I’ll include oneshots and things like that written alongside the main story in the total word count, since they’re related. But since the story is only roughly 40-45% written, I should be more than fine!

…I have more I want to write about, but I think I’ll stop with this for now. I am allowed to write multiple posts in one day if I want, after all XD;

—Are you going to participate in NaNoWriMo? If so, how are you preparing for it? *^^* Let’s be writing buddies and support each other! ♡

[Translation] Surprised… (CUCA’s blog)

I was surprised…
Yesterday… When I was searching real-time、the #2 trending topic was「berryz」、so when I looked at it、I saw
「Indefinite Suspension of Activities」!…..
Ahっ、but、they’ll come back again, right?” I thought, and tried to find out、
and seeing that it was written「Using the word『breakup』has the feeling of that thing disappearing、so we made it a『suspension of activities』」、
I was like, “Wha…?” …
Then they won’t come back…!? I was so surprised…。
I’m in shock…。

Original post:
OP date: 2014-08-03

Hello!Project: Berryz Koubou Indefinite Hiatus Announcement


Good evening~!  I don’t write a lot about Hello!Project happenings, but every now and then it seems appropriate to record my thoughts on what’s going on in H!P Land, especially when it comes to something as big as Berryz Koubou’s recent announcement.

They announced that in Spring 2015 they will enter an “Indefinite hiatus”; that is, they’ll suspend their activities for an undetermined amount of time and may or may not return to the scene.

On one hand, I’m surprised, but on the other hand, I’m not. In my previous H!P post I said I was waiting for some sort of change with Berryz and/or C-ute because nothing really “new” had happened with them at that point. Since then, C-ute has held concerts overseas and had successful Budoukan performances, and while Berryz has as well, it seemed to me that it was an afterthought of sorts with them. I’m sure it wasn’t; both groups have worked hard of course, but to me it just seemed like C-ute surged on ahead, like Berryz has leveled up to the extent that they can.

I guess I started to get the feeling that Berryz would either change up their members or take a break in one way or another, whether disbanding or otherwise, but since that continued to not happen I started to think, well, maybe they wouldn’t. But they are.


I’m surprised because of the suddenness, which is something Berryz themselves recognized and apologized for, but I’m glad they still have half a year to go. It will give people a chance to pay more attention. I hope they do very well between then and now.

(Photo credit to their respective owners.)

H!P Predictions!

It’s fun to make predictions and see how things actually play out, and I know that fans are always making guesses as to what will come. So here’s what I think!

Morning Musume。’14

It truly is a new era of Morning Musume! Reina left about the time I thought she would after I saw how well Sayumi was doing as leader and how well the newer generations were adapting and growing. It will be sad to see Sayu go, as she’s the last of the older generation of Momusu members in the group.

Right now Fukumura Mizuki and Iikubo Haruna are both sub-leaders. When Sayu graduates, I wonder what will happen? Will they both be leaders, or will it fall to the member with seniority in generation (Mizuki as 9th gen), or seniority in age (Haruna as 10th gen)? I could see Haruna as leader with Mizuki as sub-leader, but that doesn’t mean the other way around couldn’t work too. It will be interesting.


I expect them to do a tour or something before they suspend activities. They’ll probably be super busy up to their very last day! o_o


Since C-ute has been doing so well, I’d say they’ll continue for at least a few more years. They’ll probably want to match Berryz’ ten years of activity before deciding if they want to continue beyond that or follow Berryz and stop, but I think they’ll continue.


I know that while I personally haven’t been that interested in S/mileage since Saki and Yuuka left, lately they have done really well, to the point of being able to perform at the Budoukan. I still keep expecting something more to happen with their line-up though. I’m not sure why…


J=J has been successful since their first indies single! I expect them to continue gaining momentum and going strong.


I think that if Miya and Momo continued with Buono! that would be nice. It would be interesting to see if any of the Berryz members teamed up in their own group, or went solo… If something happened to S/mileage, I could see Fukuda Kanon teaming up with Sugaya Risako for their “Maro and Riro” thing. (Recently she’s dubbed Miyabi as “Miro” so…. *trails off*)

I do think a new group will be formed. Either that or we’ll get a soloist or two, but probably the group.

What do you think will happen to Berryz after next Spring? Do you have any H!P predictions of your own? Have you eaten dinner yet? (I haven’t. I’m hungry… Lol)

[AJA] Week 7/13/14 – 7/19/14

After a long absence, AJA (Akemi’s Japanese Adventure) is back!!! I’ve leveled up! Now I’m Level 17~ Check out my new stats~~~ Last post I talked about wanting to write about lots of different things, whenever I want to write about it, so that’s what I’m going to do. ^^

This week I added a whole bunch of sentences to my J-E sentence deck, and discovered that I only have about 87 sentences left to add from Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide, which means that I’ll need to find another source to get the rest of my 1000 sentences from… Right now I’m thinking I’ll use JapanesePod101’s from the lessons and the relevant grammar points in their Grammar Bank, and perhaps Imabi.

I leveled up on WaniKani earlier in the week, so I am now on Level 24! I’m going a little slower than I want to be, but at least I went faster on Level 23 than I did the three levels before it (110 days for Level 21–wow, what happened? o_o). I renewed my subscription for another year yesterday, so…let’s see how many more levels I can go through before I have to pay again! I think I’ll start by setting modest goals and work my way back to more ambitious ones, so for now I’ll try to reach a new level in 21 days!

I’m watching a lot of Japanese videos (lots of new resources have been added to my resource page, by the way–mainly YouTube channels!) to the extent that I often don’t feel like watching English videos. o_o So my input is going fairly strong.

I’m not doing much in the way of output though… I still find I don’t know what I want to say on Lang-8… I want to register LINE (I’ve had the app for a while) but I’m not sure if it wants your whole phone number in the sense that you’d add your country code/long-distance code and everything, or if it just wants your basic phone number and the area code. -____- And I haven’t tried because I’m afraid to mess anything up. Does anyone know which LINE is asking for?


It’s been about a month since my last post, huh? o.o Well, honestly, I had the same problem that hits me every now and then if I don’t post for a bit–I had no idea what I wanted to write about. (I still don’t, but… Lol) I guess that’s also partially because I write about various things here–life, Japanese, events, etc.–but since that’s all so general, at times I’m not sure if posting what I’d like to on a given day would be too much (because it would likely be the same sort of subject for a while)…

This post, then, will be a hodgepodge of various things that have taken place over the last month! I’ll try to make my next post more interesting!!

01. Manga Mission

The GoFundMe page for this project is now live! The Darkest Wand manga will be even more amazing with your help! “Art-lover” rewards coming soon.

I’m in the stage of working with the characters (design, etc.) and scenes. It may not seem like it at first, but there really is a lot of stuff to go through! It’s fun though ^o^ I’m excited to see it all begin to take shape~

02. Part-Time Sandwich … Slaying?

My part-time job is going…well, I suppose. I appreciate the lessons I’m learning and the struggles and hurdles I have had to overcome (and/or cry through…) because of it. It has definitely taught me the importance of acting now rather than later, of better organizing my time, of what I really want to put my efforts towards…and more.

I started out listening to Japanese podcasts during work for the first week I was on my own (after the training finished), but while I enjoyed it, I realized that I move faster if I’m working in silence–just like how it’s more difficult for me to write (stories, etc.) if I’m listening to music or if someone is making noise near me–so I decided to work in silence. I try to move as fast as I can to get as much done before whoever is coming to open the store that day arrives and turns on the music. Listening to music while working completely removes all sense of time from me…

Anyway, changes will be made to the sandwich lineup and that should make it a little easier to keep my time such that I can leave earlier and not have to be concerned about the music slowing me down lol.

03. Library Card GET!

I finally got a library card! We’ve lived here for about five years and, shockingly, Mama and I had not yet gone to the local library to get library cards. Mama says that typically, whenever she moved to a new city, the library would be one of her first stops, but for some reason, this time was the exception. XD In any case, I checked out a couple of art/artist-related books and have since renewed them because I am absorbing their content *p* Reading them has really been beneficial as well; I’ve been taking lots of notes!

04. SAI ON MAC! SAI ON MAC! *flails excitedly*

After a while, thanks to a kind friend with amazing IT skills, and VirtualBox, I now have SAI on my Mac! WITH pen pressure! It’s really lovely!!! I hope I’ll be able to do Livestreams again after this! I’ll have to do some checking to make sure first, of course… ouo

05. Quest of Order

Today I did a bit of reorganizing in my room, because for one, I felt like it (lol), and two, I wanted to change what was being emphasized in the different areas. For example, the part of my desk that my iMac sits on–under the raised shelf is a space for storage, which I’ve been using mainly to hold things related to Japanese learning. Today I switched up those things, so now, my art, as well as the manga project, are the two things that are emphasized. I have inspirational books there instead of the J-E/E-J Dictionary I had there before (and wasn’t using).

I also cleaned up some piles of things that were on my floor and put away business cards I’ve received in a place where they won’t get damaged or scattered.

06. Japanese Level Up World CLEAR!

Just the other day, I entered the last of the first 500 Japanese-English sentences in my Anki deck and began reviewing it! This was a huge accomplishment for me, because it’s marked progress, visible progress; and entering sentences has helped me get through Tae Kim’s Guide so much faster than when I was just trying to read it and “hopefully remember something”. I now have a much clearer understanding of the grammar when I input it to Anki, and am confident that I’ll get a lot out of the deck the more I review it!

As of today, I’m at 580 sentences, and I’m continuing to add, with a goal of around 40 per week at the least.

Recently, my dad was so kind to buy a bilingual Bible for me. ;___; It’s the NIV (1984) and the 新改訳, side by side on every page, with furigana! Normally I don’t like to have furigana everywhere, but they really do help when trying to read/look up kanji and words that you don’t know, especially from such a source as the Bible! And having the English side-by-side helps me to guess meanings without even looking anything up to begin with. ;v;

I definitely do read Japanese pretty slowly though. orz

I need to update my stats on the sidebar…. And add some more resources to my JLR (Japanese Learning Resources) page…

07. K~Y New Video Up!

It’s our first video in two years! It’s been in the works for several months, but I finally blocked out a couple of days for filming no matter what and it only took the rest of the week to finish the art, mix the video, and upload it~ The extras will be up soon (Story of K~Y, updated channel graphics, and upload to NicoNicoDouga).

View here:

That’s it for now, I think! If you read all the way to the end, thank you so much! Please help yourself to your favorite cookie~~ *holds out big plate of cookies* <3

Now if only my desktop Windows PC would stop dropping the internet connection and let Dropbox sync, that would be wonderful, for I wish to go to sleep now. -_-zzz