Year Outlook?

Two mornings after the snow we had two weeks ago.
Two mornings after the snow we had two weeks ago.

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to 2016! It’s already February. Wow. I barely noticed January, though I certainly felt and made good use of every single day, because my artbook is done! I’m just waiting to hear back from the printers, and then a bit after that it will be in physical form! ;v;

My original timeline got thrown off, somewhat predictably I must say, by a week of being sick, the period of guest artist recruitment (quite nerve-wracking! *sweats*), and other things unrelated to the project that I had to give attention to. I’ve had ups and downs and had to deal with all sorts of things, so it’s been a very good challenge and lesson bundled up into one.

At the moment I’m working on preorder stuff~ I’m really excited to see everything coming together! Almost there… ;v;

The title of this post is “Year Outlook?” because I figured I should share some sort of update on what I’m hoping to do this year in a very broad sense, and the question mark is there because I know it really comes down to God and what he wants me to do. I can’t see the future, after all, and he can XD

Plans I only have for the next two months or so; everything after that is either stuff already blocked out or tentative because it’s based on what actually happens the next two months or so. I’ve updated the sidebar to show what I’m currently working on and what I have upcoming, so you (and I!) can see it at a glance.

February-March* I’m still going to be focused on my artbook for a solid month at the very least. Additionally, I will be adding new products to my store and adoptables to deviantART. Commissions will reopen March 1st with new options and a slightly altered, more straightforward form.

April-July *shrugs* Haha! …Like I said, anything planned here is very tentative, but I’d like to push out updates to designs on my YT channel and maybe open a RedBubble account. I also want to focus a bit more on my original story to prep for NaNoWriMo because my goal is to self-publish it in 2017.

August-October In August I’ll be attending Kentokyocon again in the Artist Alley.

November-December NaNoWriMo~ Depending on where the story is on November 1st, I’ll either aim to write 50,000 new words (like I did with my fanfiction in 2014) or equate editing to word count.

*During the next few months I also want to try scheduling time to blog. I have Kentokyocon and Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 recaps to finish and post, as well as lots of other post ideas I have in my notes that I want to write. A good chunk of them are review posts, so I want to post them before the con season gets into full swing.

I’ll save this from getting too long by ending here! How is everyone doing? Did January fare well for you? :3

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    1. Thank you and Happy New Year to you as well! I hope this year is a wonderful one for you too!

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