[OC] Urami and Sekkou (as kids!)

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My OCs Urami (the girl on the left) and Sekkou (the boy on the right)…but as children! Both of them are in elementary school~ I drew Sekkou first, noticing that he really is similar to his present self in his reserved manners and quietness. ^^ As a kid, his hair was shorter. Urami’s hair was also shorter, and she wore her bangs full without clipping them aside with hair clips; instead, she had the hair clips holding back some of the longer strands of hair.

I think the main difference between the present and the elementary-school-versions of Sekkou and Urami resides in Urami. In contrast to Sekkou, who got along well with his classmates, Urami got into a lot of fights. Often it would be over something petty, but no matter the situation, someone always ended up getting hit, and the fight usually ended with her. Eventually she had to start going to counseling with her parents to find out the reasons behind her behavior and hopefully resolve the problem.

Another point of interest would be Urami’s shoes. She’s wearing sneakers instead of standard school shoes partially to stand out and partially to…run away? Yeah. She could never join any club because of her attitude towards others, but she would use the school’s running track, often after a dispute so she could run away from it and somehow dissolve her anger. This is why she goes for jogs around the neighborhood now, although they’re usually for relaxation in general (and exercise!) rather than running away from her anger.

Sekkou is holding Duel Monsters cards because he knows that the best way to fight is with a card game. Oh yeah. (-v-)d

~Anyway, I might color this and put it on deviantART. ^o^ I haven’t drawn Sekkou or Urami as kids before, so this was definitely very fun. I like my OCs. *huggles OCs*

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  1. Yuki. This drawing is realllly good and this is coming from someone that can draw as well (but definitely not that well!). You’re such a talented girl! Your singing was great as well. You look really young so you have so much more room to grow. Good luck!

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