12 Days of Christmas Part 1

Yesterday I was thinking what I should do to “celebrate” the specialness of 12/12/12 (a.k.a yesterday). At first I thought of doing twelve sketches in one day, but thought that might be too much since I had other stuff to do anyway. Then I decided I could do twelve blog posts for the twelve-day countdown to Christmas! Last year I [sort of] did a series on elements of the Christmas season and what I liked and didn’t like (see last December’s archives), but I abandoned the countdown. ^^; This year I want it to be more of a “blogmas” where I post every day without playing catch-up like I did last year.

Today I finally sent off my fourth AIS assignment and began my fifth. I definitely don’t want to send this one in so late. >< I’ll just try to work on it a little bit every day, I guess.

When I blog randomly, I feel like I don’t have much to say. ^^; When I first started blogging, I thought that you could only write a blog post whenever you had something super interesting to say, or when something really spectacular happened to you. But with time I realized that that is absolutely NOT true–you can blog as much as you want about whatever you want! Still, sometimes I think that my day wasn’t interesting enough to share… I guess today I can do that!

I actually spent most of the day out of my room, mostly in the kitchen or bathroom, actually, since I juiced and took a shower, respectively. I basically ate breakfast, reviewed WaniKani, took a shower, juiced, ate lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, made dinner, and went back to my room. The funny thing is I ate lunch around 2:30~3:00-ish, and now it’s 5:20 and I am kinda feeling hungry again. I ate a big salad with rice, chips, and a Lara Bar! Hm.

Also, I don’t usually share dreams on here, but…last night I dreamed that I turned into a cat. Someone–I don’t remember if it was my brother or some other male person–but they got turned into a cat first, and then brought me to the thing that had done it. It was a flower like a buttercup! The cat pointed to the flower with his paw, and I knelt down to look at it, and suddenly either the flower grew to an enormous size or I shrunk or both, and it swallowed me up with the “cup” part of its flower and spit me back out, only I leapt out as a cat!

Then we two cats went with my old family to church, where there was a wedding and a class taking place at the same time, only we kept accidentally knocking stuff over. We ended up going out back to a screened-in porch, where some hillbilly walked up and cocked a rifle at us! We took off running back towards the buttercup flowers, dodging bullets (we weren’t chased because the hillbilly was lazy), and once we were safe we hid behind a wall. Poking our heads around the corner of the wall, we witnessed some college boys using explosives and hydraulics and who knows what else to throw themselves high in the air and bounce cars at the same time. It was incredibly stupid. XD Once they landed for the final time, police showed up and arrested them. Then I woke up.

Um. Yeah. xP

Hopefully next Monday I’ll jump into vlogging with a video about juicing. That should be fun, or at least interesting!

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