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Wow. It’s already December 11th and I haven’t quite realized it yet. I’m still kinda feeling like it’s November! Thus, I’m not really sure what to talk about, but I want to write a blog post, so…yeah. Guess what? I noticed that last month, while my goal of completing 15 pages was not met, I did post 15 blog posts. The irony.

I just emailed in an essay for a Japan-related contest (I reblogged it on Google+ a few days ago), the writing of which took a lot of time and focus from everything else, but it will be worth it, I am praying!! In any case, though, I have many new ideas to write blog posts on, so that’s exciting. The problem now is which post to write first! And that’s not to mention the drafts I have saved right now, too…

Last Friday, I was lent a tripod and given the opportunity to help out with various recording equipment, video and otherwise, which absolutely BLEW ME AWAY because I totally wasn’t expecting it. I had asked for a tripod for Christmas, and now for the time being I’m borrowing one, so we won’t have to buy one for a bit. That’s about all I’m going to say for now on that. xP But now I really want to make some videos and I need to figure out what kind of video I want to make! I’m really, really appreciative though. You have no idea. T v T God gets the glory. I think he likes to surprise me. I’ve gotten a lot of surprises lately.

Ummm, so time for good news/bad news! Bad news first. I still haven’t sent in my fourth AIS assignment, and I didn’t meet my goal last week artbook-wise.

The good news is that I made my brother’s Christmas present super-early in the month rather than waiting until the week before Christmas Eve or later! It only took me two days too, rather than four, five, or more. But that’s not all! Even more good news is that last week I also sketched out the picture that will be my Christmas present to everyone on the Internets and everywhere~~ ALSO, I wrote the essay and sent it in weeks before the deadline rather than waiting til the last minute! AND my AIS assignment is almost done. Seriously.

So since the good news outweighs the bad news, I think last week went rather well. And yesterday and Sunday too. c: Yay. Now I need to continue on with other things that need to be done. *stares at homework and artbook pictures*

Oh! Before I click the ‘Publish’ button, I want to ask for some feedback! Since I am so undecided on what to post or make videos about next, I’ll let my readers choose!

Nashville Cherry Blossom Report (the festival I went to back in March; it’s in my drafts)
-The Art of Perfectionism: The Good and the Bad
-Remembering the Point (article on re-focusing yourself, remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing, getting back on track)
-how I’m overcoming stress patterns, training myself to not get stressed out so easily/quickly, recognizing when I start to stress and why, things that I find calm me down, etc.
-the books I’m reading lately/have read lately
-more song translations

-more drawing process/speedpaints
-more singing/dancing videos (song covers)
-room tour video
-how I juice for three or four days in 1hr 30min (process of juicing, some recipes, and clean-up)
-“follow me around” type vlogs

Let me know in the comments below!

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