[Site Update] Mostly Relocation and Deletion

Today I transferred almost all of Yuki’s Designs’ content into posts here on Yuki-Online. (You can find them under the Downloads tab.) What remains are mostly image files and some text content I want to save for future use.

Shattered-Reality also got a house cleaning; I deleted unused folders and empty “parked” pages. The layouts I was going to put there I will just put here instead, and translations will be moved to my blog (Yuki no Kotoba).

Mahou no Ichigo lost most of its content and pages today as well! I managed to get a screenshot of it and Yuki’s Designs thanks to Internet Explorer–they were broken in Firefox–so sometime I’ll make thumbnails of them and add the thumbnails to the Memories page.

In my cleaning, I also found a few more sites I had been working on… @_@ (What the heck was I thinking!?) So yes, I’ll need to move/delete them too. But for today, I think I’m done with this renovation. ^^;