Rainy Day?

I’m quite tired this morning, actually. I-I might just go back to bed. ^^; Blair (floor guy~) is supposed to finish the floor today, but he is unsure if he will be able to do it because of the ‘threat’ of rain… He said he was going to come much earlier today to try to beat the rain, at around 8:30.

Yesterday I changed my camera to Japanese. Today I changed my iPhone to Japanese. And my iPod was already in Japanese… Next thing would be my computer, I guess.

(Almost two hours later)

Yeah, I went back to bed. Sleep felt nice. -ω- It is thundering outside…and there was lightning a bit ago. I’m nervous.

(Here’s where Safari crashed and I lost some of my post. So I’ll write it again.)

Yesterday I didn’t really draw because the sounds of construction in the dining room were rather loud. But that’s fine. I needed to do more planning, and besides, I can do plenty of drawing over the weekend. Today, though, I think I’ll work mainly on writing up the China Journal. I doubt I’d be able to knock it out in one day, but I covered many entries last time I updated it, so we’ll see. It can get tiring after a few hours.

Can I go back to bed now? |D

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