Today we are getting hardwood floor in the dining room!!!!!! 8D I am so excited! I have been taking pictures of the entire renovation process, so once this floor is done I will write a blog post about it. ^o^
…He said it will only take him today and tomorrow to do the floor. Really? o.o That’s cool.

Oh, and on March 24th is the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival! This year my parents are going, which will make it a lot more fun than last year. (Last year a different relative took my brother and I to the festival and she was rather boring ^^; ) I hope that this time it will also be warmer and not so rainy…

Speaking of the weather, what time of year would be best to go to Japan? As of now I think the only times I could go this year would be summer or fall. Maybe I could go in the winter, but I don’t like being cold. XD;

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