Ai-chan and Japanese Text Support

Today I looked up possible ways to download Japanese text support for my Windows XP Pro PC… The PC was given to me without any CDs so I can’t insert the CD the installer asks for whenever I try to install any “East Asian” languages, including Chinese and Korean.

I could download the files specifically for Microsoft Office, but I don’t know if I would be able to use them all over my computer and on the internet or not. I want to be able to change my PC’s language to Japanese, but right now, any Japanese (or Korean or Chinese) text that is not in an image or PDF or something like that is displayed as boxes or boxes filled with numbers…

I could torrent the files individually, but that would probably take forever and I might miss something. ><;;

I could borrow someone's XP CD but I don't know of anyone local who has one. ^^;

I could just get a new PC but then I'd have to move all of my files and programs, including SAI.

Sooooo…I guess I'll just forget about it for now. ^^; Besides, my lovely Mac displays all the languages listed above and tons more just fine. <3 It would be nice, though, to be able to set the default language to Japanese on Windows as well.


Nana and I went shopping with her birthday money and she got a lovely pair of boots from Belk's. ^^ She's really been wanting boots for a long time, she said. I'm really glad that we were able to find what she has been looking for! The great thing is we didn't have to look very long for them, and they were the first ones she tried on! Even better, they were on sale for 30% off, which made them $68! So she has some extra to spend on other things. c:

After that, we went to Barnes and Noble and just browsed. They changed the whole layout, so I was pretty confused for the first few minutes…and then later on as I was trying to find Nana again so we could leave… I read some manga of course~ I also looked at a Naruto artbook of sorts… Sasuke… ;A; He always makes one have a chotto setsunai kokoro.
(Can’t type in Japanese ’cause I’m on my Windows PC, bleh -A-)
I remembered Aka, though. She’s still such an enigma to me. I want to draw her more. I have been writing her story, by the way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tsuzuite wa…
OH YEAH! This morning, I listened to Ai-chan’s (Morning Musume’s recent graduate /crycry) solo graduation single and used the S-JIS lyrics to sing along. I was amazed at how much of it I could read, and for the kanji I couldn’t read, I just listened to Ai-chan. Half the time, it was a word for which I knew the meaning, but not the kanji, so I was able to remember it the next time I sang that part of the song. ^^
So then I romanized it and translated a few lines…but really, I was just having fun singing it. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a song you just can’t help smiling to. >w<

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