Drafting Table Installed! :D (Plus, Water Damage on Our Floor…)

Draw on me ♥

We put it together a little after noon, and the process wasn’t complete until after three. The table came with a stool as well, so we assembled it first before putting together the actual table. It’s a good thing we did, because after we assembled the table, we didn’t want to have anything more do to with it building-wise. XD

I really like it! It’s got such a large surface for me to draw on and the stool is high enough to where I don’t have to sit on my knees or something in order to get “over” my picture properly. The fact that the table can be raised is also fantastic~~~ Although the little table-ish-drawer-side-thing looks like it’s going to fall off. XD It won’t, but it looks like it will. XD


We went on a candelight tour of a local Civil War cemetary this evening. It was really neat seeing the people in uniform and everything, and it only lasted about an hour, which was nice. It started getting dark more than halfway through the tour and a train came by probably about halfway through, so we had to wait for it to pass so the actress could continue with her story….

Then we came back to confirm that our ice maker is leaking something awful. D: It was actually coming underneath the linoleum floor so our subfloor is soaked and there’s mold and it is NASTY.

Poor floor... ;A;

It even came through underneath the carpet in one particular spot in our dining room. Dx It’s very black behind the refrigerator and there’s standing water and it smells soooooooo bad in there. ;A; It’s a good thing that we discovered it before going on vacation, but it’s annoying that the leak exists in the scale it does… orz Anyway. Um. Yeah. No more normal kitchen usage for a little while. >.>

M-Maybe we’ll remodel?

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