Room Cleaning

It’s so irritating when you have a small room (well, it’s actually a good-sized room, so I’m not complaining about the room itself) and so much stuff that you can’t FIT IT into said room!

I don’t know what to do with a lot of the stuff, either! Some of it’s not even mine…I have a filing cabinet in my room because it won’t fit anywhere else, for example. -A- Luckily, it serves as a surface for me to store all of the lotions and perfumes and nail polish I never use.


Really, I just need to throw the lotions away. They’re like 3-4 years old anyway. Same with the make-up I never use.

I’m only having this issue because Nana brought over some of my stuff from her house, where my mom and I had been staying before my mom got married again, so I could go through it. The main reason was to find pictures of me from birth till now for the senior banquet at church; they’re putting together a slideshow or something…and my parents have to set up a table where my stuff will be displayed. Anyway, the stuff came over here, and now it’s clogging up my room….I’ve had to resort to shoving things between my chest-of-drawers and bookcase AND under my bed AND in my closet (which is already small and overstuffed as is. -A-), and I don’t like putting things under my bed because I’m less likely to use those things. Guess I’ll have to change that?

I have a piano in my closet and a piano on the floor, at the foot of my bed. I rarely use either one because I’m always busy with artbook/singing/writing/bleh. I have two guitars (one in a corner and one at the foot of my bed) that I don’t use because I still haven’t been taught how to play. I have Shonen JUMP magazines from 2007 till now, plus a preview issue where I got my Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and some 2006 issues, all shoved into my bookcase, which overshadows one of the two guitars and also houses my Yu-gi-oh! cards and other things like that. I have clothes I don’t wear but never get around to donating, CDs I don’t listen to (a lot of which aren’t even mine–they’re my mom’s, and she doesn’t listen to them either)…

Someone with a very loud truck just drove by. >.> Please fix your muffler, sir.

Anyway…I don’t know what to do…all of my organizational bins have been full since five or six years ago when I got them, and they pretty much have the same stuff in them from back then–stuff I STILL don’t look at or use.

And then my dad’s, like, mad, and it puts me in a bad mood because I feel like I’ve got to clean things so I won’t get in trouble. Though that feeling really comes from living with my ex-stepdad for nine years…with him, I really would get in trouble if I didn’t clean whenever he was mad. In my new immediate family, it’s not like that, but that fear carried over, I guess. Plus also he was vaccuuming and I didn’t want him to be all like “Move your stuff so I can clean the floor. D<" and me to be like "o3o *dumps contents of floor onto bed*"……..


I need a nap….. T_T

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  1. “Someone with a very loud truck just drove by. >.> Please fix your muffler, sir.”
    I lol-ed so loud! It’s just I imagined you saying it with the randomness… and… yeah! XD

    You see, I don’t know what to say because I don’t have this problem… My closet is bassically the “Storage room” because it’s bigger than my parents’ so all of our gizmos and gadgets go there. I don’t have to worry about it getting toofilled though because my mom would randomly start throwing stuff away for reasons I cannot conprehend. The only thing I can say is: Ebay! Make a profit from the stuff you don’t use to fund for stuff like college and artbooks and whatever your heart desires XD

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