Hi! I am an artist and author born and raised in Tennessee, who enjoys singing, dancing, and sharing smiles in addition to drawing and writing. ^^ I am a proud Christian and I value life and the protection of our U.S. Constitution. *salute*

Some of my recent goals include printing and selling my own artbook/fanbook, traveling to Japan, creating an original manga, improving my singing, and…updating more often. xP

Here is where I share my thoughts and general randomness, passion for learning Japanese, and little bits of light to brighten your day!

Welcome! (^^)/ Please enjoy your stay.

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*Japanese In Action – Japanese learning site focusing on taking actionable steps rather than just reading about learning and then leaving you hanging. My main role is the artist.

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-First place in Art Instruction School‘s 2016 Charles Shulz Scholarship Competition
-Second place in Art Instruction School’s 2014 Annual Art Competition (Student category)
-First place in Art Instruction School’s 2013 Annual Art Competition (Student category)

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Love-Distance Long Affair (cover by Serena) [character art for video]
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